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November 18, 2005 | Issue 566


Iraq under U.S. occupation:
"It was never as bad as this"
When the U.S. invaded Iraq in March 2003, many Iraqis hoped that at least their conditions of life would improve. Now, they know different.

The struggle spreads...
Standing up for Tookie!
The state of California is racing to execute Stan Tookie Williams, its most famous death row prisoner. And in response, people from all walks of life are now racing to save his life.


The meaning of the Manifesto
Can a book published over 150 years ago still be relevant to changing the world today? Phil Gasper, editor of a new edition of the Communist Manifesto, answers yes.

College Not Combat referendum passes in San Francisco
A message to the military
Two activists involved in the successful campaign to pass a ballot measure against military recruiting in San Francisco explain the significance of this victory.

Pushing the poor out of New Orleans
Developers and landlords have declared an open season on residents--and began evicting thousands of people who were forced to evacuate, as well as many of those left behind.

New Orleans activist Mike Howells explains...
How one fight against evictions was won
A longtime community activist tells the story of one victory in the fight for the rights of poor and working-class residents in New Orleans.

One year after re-election triumph, White House crisis deepens
What happened to "Bush country"?
One year ago, you could pick up any newspaper, and read the same words about the 2004 election: We live in Bush country. Not anymore.


France's right-wingers crack down on youth rebellion
The velvet glove over an iron fist
The French government is prolonging a state of emergency, even though the riots that swept the country for the previous 18 days appeared to be subsiding.

Workers manage idle factories themselves
The debate about factory takeovers
Representatives from 21 unions and 235 worker-occupied factories gathered in Venezuela to strategize about how to advance factory takeovers across the region.

Campesino groups attacked
Terrorized by the Colombian army
Rural workers in northeastern Antioquia in Colombia are finding themselves victims of Colombian military units that function simultaneously as paramilitaries.


Pennsylvania town votes out Christian Right school board for...
Turning teachers into preachers
Right-wing televangelist Pat Robertson wants to teach Dover, Pa., a lesson--and he doesn't mean a science lesson.

Two-thirds of New Yorkers didn't vote
Bloomberg's triumph?
The media response to Michael Bloomberg's landslide re-election as New York City mayor barely mentioned how few New Yorkers actually voted.

Italian documentary reveals:
U.S. used chemical weapons on Falluja
The U.S. military denies having used chemical weapons in the war on Iraq. But new evidence shows that white phosphorus shells were used during the siege of Falluja.

Feds' star witness backfires
Witch-hunt trial of Sami Al-Arian
After nearly five months of testimony, the jury was deliberating in the case against former University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian.

IRS targets church for peace sermon
The Internal Revenue Service has warned a California church that it could lose its tax-exempt status. Why? Because of an antiwar sermon two days before the 2004 election.


Is the U.S. going after Syria next?
The Bush administration's attempt to ratchet up pressure on Syria gained steam with the release of a United Nations report implicating the government in an assassination in Lebanon.

The question of organization
Few leftists would deny that at least some rudimentary forms of organization are needed to fight exploitation and social injustice. But what kind of organization is necessary?


NYU professors and students move classes off campus
Grad workers on strike
Graduate assistants at New York University enthusiastically picketed November 9 in the cold, wind and rain on the first day of their strike for union recognition.

UAW rank and filers meet to strategize
More than 100 members of the United Auto Workers jammed a hotel meeting room November 13 for the second rank-and-file meeting in as many weeks.

Labor in brief
San Francisco teachers; The Soldiers' Home in Holyoke


News and reports
Campaign to End the Death Penalty; Hands off Dave!; No to war and occupation; Justice for Palestine


A murder victim's son talks about real justice
What to do about crime
What sentence would I give a murderer? It's a question I've thought about ever since July 14, 1987, when I became a son of a murder victim.

When curing people isn't profitable
Media coverage of the emerging threat of an Avian Flu pandemic has moved up a notch, and we are gradually discovering that there is indeed reason to be scared.

Views in brief
Presumed guilty in NYC; Who has real power in society?; High life for charity boss; Anti-choice but not a "bigot"


The movie Jarhead doesn't measure up to the book
War is not a video game
Former Marine-turned-antiwar activist Chris Dugan reviews a movie version of the recent book Jarhead about Marines in Iraq.

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