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January 27, 2006 | Issue 573


Big Brother is watching you
As each new scandal about secret spying and government targeting of immigrants comes to light, it's clearer than ever that the Bush administration is shredding our rights.

Anger at givebacks in NYC deal
Transit workers reject contract
New York City transit workers rejected a proposed contract, in a signal of anger at an agreement that contained major concessions amid the gains made during their three-day strike.


Seniors cut off in debut of Washington's prescription drug benefit
Medicare drug disaster
The great hidden scandal in Washington is the disastrous debut of the Medicare prescription drug benefit. A Rhode Island social worker gives a front-lines report.

An American Indian Movement activist on the Abramoff scandal:
"One of many racists out to defraud Native tribes"
Robert Robideau, the co-director of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee, writes in response to the Abramoff corruption scandal.

What would a socialist economy look like?
The free market is supposed to provide a measurement of what society needs. But in the real world, markets fail--repeatedly and predictably--to live up to their promise.


World Social Forum comes to a crossroads
More than 100,000 activists are expected to converge on Caracas in Venezuela January 24-29 for the fifth edition of the World Social Forum.

How did the establishment regain control?
Four years after the Argentinazo
How did a ruling class in shambles--whose political parties were completely discredited--reestablish its position?

Indispensible book for global justice activists
Handbook on neoliberalism
Eric Toussaint's Your Money or Your Life provides an excellent framework for understanding the institutions of global capital and the neoliberal model.


Bush's State of the Union p.r. offensive:
Scaremongering and empty promises
The Bush administration's message--everything's great and getting greater, and anyone who says different is a threat to national security--is getting tired.

The chipping away of abortion rights
Last week, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor showed why she shouldn't be remembered as a defender of the right to choose.


Bilked by U.S. contractors
The crooks who plundered Iraq
Millions of Iraqis still live without electricity and decent sanitation, while American businesses lap up lucrative "reconstruction" contracts.


Antiwar author William Blum on the Osama bin Laden tape:
"The American empire needs to be corralled"
Last week, antiwar historian William Blum's name was all over the media after Osama bin Laden recommended one of Blum's books in his latest taped message.

Anti-Castro exile Luis Posada:
The kind of terrorist that Bush admires
Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro Cuban exile and chief suspect in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban commercial airliner that killed 73 people, is on the verge of going free.

UCLA graduate offers students money to spy on teachers
A right-winger's witch-hunt
A former right-wing student at the University of California-Los Angeles is grabbing headlines with a scheme to continue his witch-hunt against left-of-center professors.

Marines jail another Vietnam resister
The Marines have taken another antiwar soldier into custody--more than three decades after the soldier walked away from the military.

Obituary: John Duval
John Duval, a Rochester man who spent 25 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit before being freed and exonerated, died last week.


Discontent over concessions in UAW rank and file
Ford to cut 30,000 jobs
Ford Motor Co. announced that it would eliminate up to 30,000 jobs and close 14 plants in the next six years--about a third of the 87,000 Ford workers who are UAW members.

Labor in brief
New York City home health aides; Verizon Information Services; Pratt Institute


The protest they called a "credible threat"
A student at UC-Santa Cruz describes the event that landed the campus antiwar organization on the Pentagon's watch list--and the reaction of students to the news.

San Francisco activists confront anti-choice marchers
Some 800 pro-choice demonstrators came out in San Francisco January 21 to rally for reproductive rights and protest the second annual "Walk for Life."

News and reports
Stop the school closings; Remember Martin Luther King; Stop the Nazis; End executions


How David Ruiz stood up to the Texas injustice system
The legacy of a fighter
David Ruiz, whose historic federal class-action lawsuit kept the state of Texas under court mandate for prison reform for more than 20 years, died last November behind bars.

Lift the ban on Ashwin!
Scholar and activist Ashwin Desai has been barred from the campus in Durban, South Africa, where he has worked since 2003.

Views in brief
Jobs, but no joy, for workers; Even more to dislike in Kong; Too hard on King Kong


In Justice: A new kind of TV crime drama?
Innocent and behind bars
It's a crime drama--but instead of putting criminals behind bars, In Justice is about freeing the innocent.

How we're taught the story of Rosa Parks
To build a new civil rights movement, it is crucial that we uncover the true history of the past one, including the story of Rosa Parks.

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