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February 10, 2006 | Issue 575


Class war USA
In every part of their lives, U.S. workers are having a harder time making ends meet--while the fantastic wealth of a tiny few grows even more obscene.

A step closer to military action
Why is Washington taking aim at Iran?
The U.S. government's escalating threats against Iran over its nuclear program are really aimed at breaking the impasse in Iraq--at the risk of plunging the Middle East into a wider war.


Bush's oil industry buddies, not consumers, are the real problem
Addicted to oil profits
In his State of the Union address, George Bush didn't mention the real "addiction" that drives the production and consumption of oil--the addiction of oil companies to huge profits.

Alan Greenspan steps down as Fed Chief
"The central banker of neoliberalism"
Alan Greenspan's real accomplishments as the country's most important financial official are much different than the media praise he received when he stepped down.

United States Prisoner No. 89637-132
The persecution of Leonard Peltier
Three decades ago, Leonard Peltier was convicted in federal court in one of the most infamous political frame-ups in modern U.S. history.


Danish cartoons are latest in a campaign of racist abuse
Why Muslims are right to be angry
Washington's campaign of war, occupation and repression set the stage for the fury over the publication of racist images of Muhammad in a Danish newspaper.

A new assault on abortion rights
In the wake of the cakewalk confirmation of Samuel Alito, lawmakers in five states are proposing sweeping new measures aimed at outlawing abortion.


East Timor truth commission on Indonesia's occupation
War crimes sponsored by the U.S.
A report has documented the war crimes of the Indonesian military's occupation of East Timor--and the U.S. government's support for the carnage.


Stay for Vernon Evans
Execution halted in Maryland
Maryland death row prisoner Vernon Evans won a reprieve hours before he was scheduled to be put to death, in a resounding victory for anti-death penalty activists.

Tancredo's long record of promoting right-wing causes
Leader of the crusade against immigrants
Tom Tancredo, a Republican member of Congress from Colorado has emerged as the champion of the anti-immigrant movement in Washington.

An anti-Palestinian diatribe
Protests over racist ad in the Nation
Readers of the liberal Nation magazine found that the January 9/16 issue carried a racist advertisement denying the existence of the Palestinian people.


The real reason the U.S. hates Chávez
The real reason that the U.S. government hates Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is that he refuses to knuckle under to the "Washington Consensus."


NYC officials demand cutbacks in negotiations
Transit bosses' hard line
Government authorities are taking a hard line with New York City transit workers after union members narrowly voted down a contract negotiated after an illegal three-day strike.

Austin transit workers settle for mixed deal
After a prolonged campaign and the threat of a strike, city bus drivers, mechanics and maintenance workers in Austin, Texas, voted overwhelmingly to accept a new contract.

Labor in brief
Sikorsky Aircraft


News and reports
Stand up for gay rights; Heating assistance


Maryland governor won't face execution victims
Vernon Evans' struggle
Vernon Evans and his family decided not to go quietly and made sure that Gov. Robert Ehrlich got the message.

Exploiting immigrant workers
A government investigation shows dairy magnate and right-wing politician Jim Oberweis is exploiting the immigrant community twice over.

Views in brief
Carter wasn't a lesser evil; Wolves in sheep clothes; Kick ROTC off campus


Super Bowl city on the brink
This year, the annual celebration of wealth and power that takes place every Super Bowl weekend happened in the U.S.'s most impoverished, ravaged city: Detroit.

Darwin and his revolutionary contributions
The "Darwin" exhibition on view at the American Museum of Natural History in New York is welcome for the way it cuts through this fake debate about intelligent design.

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