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February 24, 2006 | Issue 577


Anti-Muslim cartoons were designed to spread hate
We have to stand against racism
Angry protests against anti-Muslim cartoons published in a Danish newspaper and reprinted in right-wing publications around the world have reached the U.S.


Washington has Iran in its sights
What's behind U.S. war threats?
A U.S. military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would be used to repackage Washington's presence in the Middle East as part of a "long war" on "radical Islam."

Death-squad "democracy" in Iraq
Violence and death under U.S. occupation
The U.S. invasion of Iraq was supposed to bring freedom and democracy. But a string of new revelations have exposed the violent reality of life under U.S. occupation.

An Iraq war veteran speaks out:
Questioning our role in a crusade for oil profits
One year after his return from Iraq, an antiwar veteran looks at the crisis of the U.S. occupation--and the growing opposition among soldiers.

Stanley Howard on Prisoners Against the War:
"Most of the guys here are antiwar"
A former death row prisoner talks to SW about the formation of a new antiwar group: Prisoners Against the War.


David Horowitz:
Portrait of a witch-hunter
After dabbling in one right-wing cause after another for two decades, David Horowitz has published a book targeting "dangerous academics.

The Horowitz 101 speak out:
"What is really dangerous in this country?"
SW talked to some of the professors on David Horowitz's witch-hunt list about their reaction--and how the left should respond.
Organizing against racism during the Great Depression
Communists in Harlem
Mark Naison's Communists in Harlem During the Depression documents one of the high points in the history of the struggle against racism--and the socialist contribution to it.


Israel and the U.S. try to strangle the Palestinian Authority
The drive to crush Hamas
Israel and the U.S. are stepping up efforts to crush a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority--with an economic, political and military offensive.

War crimes and hunting misdemeanors
Dick Cheney and the Bush administration have committed an endless string of real crimes--and they should be held accountable for them.


"All the children are lost"
What caused the Philippines catastrophe?
The village of Guinsaugon in the Philippines disappeared under mud and boulders February 17 when a nearby mountain collapsed after weeks of heavy rain.


Buried in the Bush budget...
A handout for oil companies
Oil companies like ExxonMobil are raking in record profits. But that hasn't stopped the oil bosses from looking to the U.S. government for a corporate welfare handout.

Beating caught on videotape
Death in a "boot camp" in Florida
When 14-year-old Martin Lee Anderson died, he was being held at a Panama City, Fla., boot camp--for taking his grandmother's car for a joyride.

Muslims under attack in Michigan
The consequences of the racist "war on terror" have become clear in Michigan, with a series of attacks on Muslims in the Detroit area.


Effort to stop Sheehan's primary challenge shows:
"Real Democrats" are pro-war
You'd think the main opposition party would want to embrace Cindy Sheehan, who has become the most visible symbol of opposition to the war. Not on your life.

Inside the system
On target about Shot-in-the-face-gate; When cops sue cops; Not a rocket scientist


Health care is central issue at defense contractor
Strike shuts down Sikorsky
Workers at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford, Conn., walked off the job here February 20 in the first strike at the defense contractor since 1963.

Labor in brief
Pratt Institute


NYC immigrants stand up against racist legislation
Activists in New York City took advantage of Valentine's Day to organize against racist immigration laws being proposed in Congress.

News and reports
No to war and occupation; Million votes for peace; Keep Chicago schools open; Marriage rights are equal rights


Media frenzy over Rockefeller drug law reforms
Lies told in the "drug war"
New York's two leading daily tabloids recently crossed the line of ethical reporting in their attempt to limit the application of recent Rockefeller drug law reforms.

U.S. military crimes in Japan
A U.S. sailor was arrested recently for the murder of Yoshie Sato in Yokosuka, Japan. The 56-year-old woman was beaten to death and robbed of about $129 on her way to work.

Letters in brief
Dems reject antiwar voices; SW should do its homework; Free speech isn't the issue; Why criticize progressives?


Film chronicles civil rights leader Rob Williams
The debate over nonviolence
A documentary showing on PBS stations this month chronicles the contributions of Robert Williams, a symbol of militancy well before the late 1960s, to the Black struggle.

How the cops murdered Amadou
Amadou Diallo, a West African immigrant who was riddled by bullets shot by four white policemen in 1999, is the subject of an art exhibit in New York City.

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