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March 17, 2006 | Issue 580


Activists speak out on the campus struggle for...
College Not Combat
Over the past year, the student-led struggle against military recruiters has been a high point for the antiwar movement. SW prints excerpts from a New York panel discussion on the fight.

Pace University students threatened by administrators
Facing expulsion for speaking out
A student activist at Pace University who is being harassed by federal authorities and threatened with expulsion asks for support in an important fight for the right to free speech.

U.S. pushes sectarian divide to weaken resistance
Will Iraq collapse into a civil war?
The bombing of the Shia Askariya Mosque in Samarra triggered a spate of sectarian violence that raised the question: Is civil war a real possibility or simply a media invention?


300,000 march for immigrant rights
"We're here and we're not leaving"
As many as 300,000 people took to the streets of Chicago March 10 to demonstrate for immigrant rights in one of the biggest protests in the city's history.

Immigrant rights supporters take to the streets
The making of a new movement
The movement for immigrant rights took an enormous leap forward when as many as 300,000 demonstrators jammed Chicago's streets--in the middle of a workday.


Politicians demonize Arabs and Muslims to justify their war
Making anti-Arab racism respectable
The demonization of Arabs and Muslims by politicians and the media is on the rise--with all too predictable results.

Occupation is source of Iraq's violence
Donald Rumsfeld says the media are "exaggerating" the situation in Iraq, but the only thing exaggerated is the administration's increasingly fantastical propaganda.


Seattle activist launches independent Senate campaign
A challenge to the status quo
Aaron Dixon, a community activist for over 40 years and former head of the Seattle Black Panther Party, announced his plan to run for the U.S. Senate from Washington.

Ban signed by S.D. governor
Looming threat to legal abortion
In what he called a "direct frontal assault" on legal abortion, South Dakota Gov. Michael Rounds signed legislation that bans all abortions, except in cases where a woman may die.

Peace activist killed in Iraq
He died because of the U.S. war
Three months after Tom Fox was kidnapped in Iraq with three other members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams, his friends and supporters are mourning his death.


Strikers enjoy huge show of solidarity in fourth week of strike
Rally of 5,000 at Sikorsky
In a tremendous show of solidarity, close to 5,000 strikers, members of other unions and supporters rallied in front of Sikorsky Aircraft's main facility in Stratford, Conn., March 9.

Labor in brief
Cook County Nurses; Chicago Transit Authority; Edens Medical Center; New York City transit workers


Step up the effort to save South Central Farm
More than 150 people rallied outside the March 10 city council meeting in Los Angeles to demand action to save the South Central Farm.

News and reports
Say no to war and occupation; Defend immigrant rights; Confronting David Horowitz


Bigotry set the stage for a stabbing at Cornell
Standing up to a racist crime
News of a racially motivated stabbing taking place February 18 at Cornell University stunned the campus community.

Politicians profit as we're left behind
You wouldn't know it from the local papers, Gov. Rod Blogojevich or the menagerie of Republicans who would like to unseat him, but Illinois workers are facing a crisis.

Views in brief
Defend the right to protest; Prisoners against war; Nuclear hypocrisy


The children who work the Bolivian silver mines
A hell below
The Devil's Miner tells the story of Basilio Vargas, a 14-year-old Bolivian boy who has worked as a miner's apprentice since he was 10.

The drug industry's prescription for super-profits
Merrill Goozner's The $800 Million Pill exposes the myths that surround the development of new drugs, genetic research and biotechnology.

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