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April 14, 2006 | Issue 584


In the streets for immigrant rights
Making our voices heard
The streets of cities across the U.S. were filled on April 10 with supporters of immigrant rights--sending a message of proud defiance to the anti-immigrant politicians.

San Diego speaks out: "¡Sí se puede!"
San Diego is known for its perfect weather, affluent coastal communities and military bases. That changed on April 9 as more than 100,000 workers and students took to the streets.

Tragedy in California:
We won't forget Anthony Soltero
School officials threatened to punish 14-year-old Anthony Soltero for standing up for immigrant rights. Now he's dead as a result of those threats.


Jeffrey St. Clair on the new war profiteers
"The system is irretrievably corrupt"
The coeditor of CounterPunch and author of a new book Grand Theft Pentagon talks to Socialist Worker about what's responsible for the crooked system in Washington.

Is there a "white-skin privilege"?
One popular explanation for the persistence of racism is that all whites benefit from the oppression of all Blacks. Is it true?


Politicians' proposals all keep immigrants at the back of the bus
No compromise on justice
Immigrant rights protesters say they want equality and amnesty. But the U.S. Senate is arguing over whether to keep undocumented workers as second-class citizens, or kick them out.


Government scraps hated labor law
Victory for the French protests
Mass mobilizations of students and workers--the largest in France since the rebellion of May 1968--forced the right-wing government to withdraw a hated new labor law.


Bush reaches new heights of hypocrisy
For the first time, George Bush has been placed directly in a chain of events that led to the leaking of the identity of CIA employee Valerie Plame to a New York Times reporter.

Referendums for immediate withdrawal from Iraq
Wisconsin voters send an antiwar message
Voters across the state of Wisconsin have sent a message to Washington: Bring U.S. troops home from Iraq--right now.

Article exposes plot to use nukes
U.S. plan for war on Iran?
The Bush administration is getting ready to use nuclear weapons against Iran, according to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh.

McKinney scapegoated after confrontation with police
Blaming the victim on Capitol Hill
Rep. Cynthia McKinney became the focal point of Republican rage for daring to call her manhandling by Capitol Police by its name--racial profiling.

How LA hospitals get rid of patients
Hospitals in southern California are giving homeless and poor patients a free ride--straight to Los Angeles' Skid Row.


Preparing the party to advance
Russia's Bolshevik Party experienced both great advances and devastating retreats. At every major turn, the party went through serious crises over the best way to proceed.


Delphi asks bankruptcy court to void union contracts
Will the UAW fight at Delphi?
One week after Delphi CEO Steve Miller asked a federal bankruptcy judge to cancel union contracts, the UAW hasn't even called for a strike-authorization vote.

Labor in brief
Oakland teachers


Seattle activist challenges politics as usual
Nearly 300 people gathered in Seattle April 8 for food, entertainment and energizing speakers at the kickoff rally for Aaron Dixon's Green Party-backed campaign for U.S. Senate.

News and reports
Stop the Minutemen; Protesting Hillary Clinton; We say no to war; Fight for immigrant rights


Left-wing writing purged from Kent State newspaper
We will not be silenced
All college students think the campus newspaper is the worst around, but students at Kent State University have a firm foundation for that belief.

Return of El Salvador's death squads?
In the past few weeks in El Salvador, there have been six assassinations in the Department of Colon. Most of the victims were teenage boys.

Views in brief
An Iraqi voice against the occupation; Apologist for imperialism; A is for anarchism


A genius shaped by political and social upheavals
Mozart's music in revolutionary times
The caricature of Mozart as an unruly schoolboy with a mystical genius ignores how his work was shaped by and reflected the political and social upheavals of the time.

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