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On the picket line

April 21, 2006 | Page 11

Oakland teachers
By Jessie Muldoon

OAKLAND, Calif.--The Oakland Education Association (OEA) office crawled with teachers and families during the week of spring break as they made signs for a scheduled one-day strike on April 20. "There are 1000 reasons to scab. None of them are good," read one sign. "Honk if you support teachers," read another.

As Socialist Worker went to press, the OEA bargaining team and the Oakland Unified School District's team were resuming negotiations. Among the unresolved issues that the teams will be discussing are teachers' health care coverage, wages, staffing ratios and the continuation of art, music and other enrichment classes.

Pickets will go up as early as 6 a.m. on April 20 and stay up throughout the school day. At noon, teachers will come together for a rally, then return to their sites.

If the strike doesn't resolve the contract, further actions, including the possibility of more strikes, will be scheduled. In addition to the contract struggle, the OEA has also resolved to participate in the May 1 actions for immigrant rights.

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