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June 9, 2006 | Issue 592


Full horror of the U.S. war on Iraq revealed
The war crimes they can't hide
Reports of what happened in Haditha have been accompanied by emerging stories of other massacres--showing that Haditha is just one of many horrors inflicted on Iraq.

The American way of war crimes
The massacres of civilians in Iraq are part of a long and bloody record of U.S. war crimes.

Atrocities in Bush's "other occupation"
While media attention begins to focus on reports of atrocities committed by U.S. troops in Iraq, the other U.S.-run occupation--of Afghanistan--receives relatively little attention.


Minutemen plan to build their own fence
The vigilantes' wall of racism
The Minutemen's construction of their own border fence in southeastern Arizona symbolizes the growing prominence of the racist vigilante group.

Nigel Harris on border controls and state power today
The politics of immigration
A top author explains the role of immigration in world politics today--and the hope of a new wave of democratization.


U.S. maneuvers to maintain its grip on the Middle East
Washington's "democracy" double-talk
The Bush administration's grandiose claims that it was spreading "democracy" through the Middle East have melted away, revealing imperial politics as usual.


A "humanitarian" intervention?
Why Australia is in East Timor
An Australian socialist explains why opponents of war and imperialism should oppose the "humanitarian" intervention in East Timor.


Will the real story finally come out?
Chicago police torture exposed
A special prosecutor has spent the last four years investigating a police torture ring that terrorized nearly 200 Black men in Chicago. But his report has still not seen the light of day.

Desperate inmates protest conditions at U.S. prison camp
Hunger strike against horror at Guantánamo
Nearly 90 detainees at the U.S. prison camp in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, are protesting conditions and their indefinite detention by going on hunger strike.

Chief obstacle at UN meeting marking 25th anniversary
U.S. blocks AIDS prevention effort
Twenty-five years after the official acknowledgement of the AIDS epidemic, the U.S. government is continuing its long record of blocking prevention measures.

Democrat to sign Louisiana abortion ban
Democratic Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco announced that she will sign new legislation that bans almost all abortions.


Haditha: The rule or the exception?
The Marines' actions at Haditha are counterposed to the presumably more reasonable attacks by the U.S. in Iraq. But can we make such a clean distinction?


Boston health center fires three immigrant workers
Defend the right to unionize
Supporters organized a picket and press conference to defend three workers fired trying to organize a union at the Martha Eliot Health Center in Boston.

Labor in brief
Textileather; University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign


Hunger strikers protest immigration raids
"We are not criminals"
Two Chicago women facing deportation went on a nearly-month-long hunger strike to draw attention to their cause and the struggle to change immigration laws.

"We Are America" debates in Chicago
About 150 representatives attended a national meeting of the "We Are America" Alliance, but left divided over recent immigration reform legislation recently passed by the Senate.

News and reports
Stand up for immigrant rights; Aaron Dixon for Senate; More funding for AIDS treatment


Hypocrisy of Bush's war at the U.S.-Mexico border
Tearing down their walls
The Berlin Wall is widely seen today as a devaluation of human freedom. With any luck, history's judgment will repeat itself with regard to another wall being constructed today.

The face of a new threat to Venezuela?
I am a U.S. citizen living in Venezuela, reporting on what appears to be the face of U.S.-backed efforts to destabilize the democratically elected Venezuelan government.

Views in brief
New Orleans' mercenaries; Australian left and East Timor; Hypocrisy over the hijab; Covering the environment


Jamaican ska legend Desmond Dekker
Music of the shantytowns
Before Bob Marley made reggae into a world phenomenon, poor Jamaican musicians like Desmond Dekker rocked British, Caribbean and U.S. dancehalls with ska music.

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