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June 16, 2006 | Issue 593


The U.S. is the real source of terror in Iraq
"There are many more Hadithas"
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi satisfied the Bush administration's need for a bogeyman in Iraq. But if it weren't for the U.S. invasion in 2003, the world would never have known him.

Detainees commit suicide in U.S. prison camp
"There's no hope in Guantánamo"
Three detainees at the U.S. prison camp at Guantánamo Bay took their own lives. But as far as the U.S. government is concerned, their suicides were an act of aggression.

First Army officer to resist publicly
Refusing to fight an illegal war
Army First Lt. Ehren Watada became the first officer to go public with his refusal to deploy to Iraq.


Politicians' anti-immigrant rhetoric sets the stage for the right to grow
Growth of the Minuteklan
The far right is trying to make a comeback, and it is using anti-immigrant hate as its wedge issue.

Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center:
"A volatile mix of bigots and heavy arms"

Three health workers and community activists fired in Boston:
"All we did is work for our community"
Latina health care workers fired from Boston's Martha Eliot Health Center talk about their struggle for justice.


A left-wing lawyer facing 30 years in prison
"They want the fear level at a high pitch"
Lynne Stewart has dedicated her career as a lawyer to defending civil liberties and politically "unpopular" clients. Now, at age 66, she faces a possible prison sentence of 30 years.

The inconvenient truth about Al Gore
SW looks beyond the image-polishing of Al Gore's new movie--and explains what needs to be done to save the Earth.

Joshua Frank on the Democrats' early frontrunner for 2008
Hillary for president?
Left-wing author Joshua Frank looks at the record of a senator who seems to have set her sights on the White House.

Left with no future by GM and Delphi
"I never had the American Dream"
Tough talk from United Auto Workers leaders will abound at the union's convention. But at Delphi's Dayton, Ohio, brake plant, management is still ratcheting up the pressure.


White House and Congress take aim at favorite scapegoats
Washington's cynical charade
The White House was trying to get mileage from the assassination of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi--while simultaneously appeasing their supporters on Wall Street and the Christian Right.


The revolt of the penguins in Chile
Chile has been overrun by high school students whose mass protests have forced the government to drop planned cuts in education spending.

Killed by Israeli shells on a Gaza beach
The slaughter of a Palestinian family on a Gaza beach by an Israeli artillery shell has highlighted Israel's bloody repression as it imposes borders on the Palestinians.


LA teacher nearly forces runoff in schools chief election
Shaking up politics as usual in California
The incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction in California was nearly forced into a runoff against a member of the Green Party and the International Socialist Organization.

A Green challenge to Hillary Clinton
In a recent poll, Sen. Hillary Clinton barely beat "an unnamed antiwar candidate." This November, that candidate's name will be Green Party veteran Howie Hawkins.

Treasury secretary nominee will get a huge tax write-off
Bush's pal holds onto his fortune
Even if he wasn't dedicated to administration policies, Henry Paulson Jr. would have to consider taking the treasury secretary job--because of the possibilities for a huge tax write-off.


Givebacks shake up OEA leadership
After a two-year contract battle, members of the Oakland Education Association ratified a new contract--and then voted to oust the local president who negotiated the deal.

Labor in brief
Smithfield Packing; Cook County nurses; Chicago laborers


1,000 march against rent increases in New York City
The struggle for housing
Chanting "They say rent hike, we say rent strike!" more than 1,000 Black and Latino New York City tenants marched more than 70 blocks to demand affordable housing.

News and reports
Stop San Francisco's killer cops; Stop the anti-immigrant bigots; We support war resisters; Fight the right


Vigilantes discover they aren't welcome in Fremont
Confronting their racism
Add Fremont, Calif., to the list of cities in which the Minutemen have tried--and failed--to organize.

Greensboro victims' fight for justice
The Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a grassroots organization that investigated the 1979 shootings of anti-Klan demonstrators by racists, has published its report.

Views in brief
Demonizing drug users; Australia's role in East Timor; Mine safety ignored


Who's to blame for racism in soccer?
The most-watched tournament in the universe, the World Cup, opened amid fears that racism could upstage the games and provide an international platform for neo-Nazi swill.

Pearl Jam takes on the Iraq war's deadly toll
On their new album, Pearl Jam revisits familiar themes of loneliness and failed love. But the album also contains some of the most overtly political work of the band's career.

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