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July 28, 2006 | Issue 596


"Carpenters are running out of wood for coffins”;
Israel's terror in Lebanon
Israel's massive military offensive against Lebanon has created a humanitarian crisis and threatens to plunge the entire region into war.

A statement by the International Socialist Organization
Why the U.S. supports Israel's destruction of Lebanon
The Israeli attack on the Lebanese people is a war that the U.S. government wants. It is designed to advance the dominance of the U.S. and Israel in the wider Middle East.

Israel and the future of the antiwar movement
Israel's slaughter of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians should be a moment of truth for the U.S. left.

Author Gilbert Achcar on the background to the war
"Israel is holding a whole population hostage"
A leading author and antiwar activist talks to SW about the causes and background of the Israeli assault on Lebanon.

Lebanon's long history of war and violence
A pawn in the games of the "great powers"
The Israeli destruction of Lebanon and the wanton murder of its civilians served to remind the world that Lebanon has long been a site for the bloody machinations of outside powers.

Israeli lives matter more than Arab lives
Washington's sick double standard
Arab lives don't mean as much as Israeli lives--not to the Israeli government, not to the U.S. government, and not to the U.S. media that claims to report about them objectively.

The racist roots of the Israeli state
The racially exclusivist and bellicose character of Israel makes it uniquely suited to be, in the words of Noam Chomsky, a "Middle-East Sparta in the service of American power."

U.S. occupation stoked sectarian violence
Death toll mounting in Iraq
A hundred people a day. That is the number of Iraqi civilians killed on average over the last two months, according to a United Nations report.

Palestinian journalist on the crisis in Gaza:
"The Israelis want to train us not to ask for our rights"
The world's attention has turned to Israel's assault on Lebanon, but the Israeli government's intensified war on Palestinians in Gaza is continuing unabated.


The civil rights movement after Montgomery
The early days of the African-American civil rights movement, when activists faced widespread resistance from supporters of Jim Crow, have important lessons for today.


Chicago investigation lets mayor off the hook
Whitewashing police torture
After a four-year investigation into the torture of dozens of Black men by Chicago police, a special prosecutor announced that not a single officer or city official will be punished.

Hazleton, Pa., leads the way in passing racist local laws
The bigots declare war on immigrants
Hazleton, Pa. was thrust into the front lines of the national immigration debate when city officials passed one of the country's most extreme local laws targeting immigrants.

Stem-cell research vetoed
Catering to the "pro-life" fanatics
White House press secretary Terry Snow had to take back a statement he made after George Bush vetoed legislation to allow federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

Feds determined to punish Stewart
If government prosecutors get their way, defense attorney Lynne Stewart may spend the rest of her life in prison.


Indian government's crackdown after Mumbai train bombing
The search for scapegoats
The Indian government responded to a series of bomb blasts that ripped through packed commuter trains in Mumbai by cracking down on Muslim organizations.

Largest demonstration in the country's history
Huge rally protests stolen election in Mexico
The biggest demonstration in Mexico's history took place July 16 in Mexico City's Zócalo amid a struggle to force a recount in the fraud-ridden presidential election.

Appeal from Italy's Il Manifesto
The left-wing Italian daily newspaper Il Manifesto is facing a financial crisis that threatens its future. SW prints their appeal for support.


Labor in brief


Protesters take to the streets across the country
Stop Israel's war on Lebanon
Opponents of Israel's terror campaign against the people of Palestine and Lebanon made their voices heard at events across the country in July.

Broadening the struggle for immigrant rights
In July, activists across the country organized to keep up the momentum of the massive May 1 marches and broaden the fight for immigrant rights.


An all-too-familiar story of police racism in Toledo
Pulled over for driving while Black
Lance Self and Julian Mack are all-too-familiar with police racism. Together, they've been pulled over for dubious reasons five times in the past year.

Countering both Nazi and Zionist hate
Anti-racists must stand up for Palestine and beat back the right wing whenever they raise their heads.

Views in brief
Afghans' right to resist; Congress guts minority med programs; No justice yet for detainees


Ten Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military
This book could save your life
The strength of this new book is that its authors make the point that the people with the most stake in the war--the politicians and commanders--do none of the fighting.

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