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October 27, 2006 | Issue 607


Occupation turns Iraq into hell on earth
Is the U.S. headed for defeat in Iraq?
In a few short weeks, the Bush administration's strategy to "stay the course" in Iraq has been exposed--opening a floodgate of criticism from the political establishment.


Anti-union, pro-war, anti-abortion, immigrant bashers
Meet the lesser evil in 2006
Among the Democratic candidates in 2006 are many who don't seem like what most people think of as Democrats, and in some cases, it's because they were Republicans until recently.

Death penalty opponent Barbara Becnel explains...
Why I left the Democratic Party
A journalist and activist on why her experience with the Democratic Party--including running for the party nomination for California governor--led her to leave.

Democratic wing of the Democrats?
The self-styled "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party"--the liberals who try to rally the Democratic base for every election--are always the good soldiers.


Prisoners organize against barbaric conditions
Texas death row: Cruel and unusual
The horrific suicide of a Texas death row prisoner hours before his scheduled execution highlights the cruelty of a system that prisoners are organizing against from on death row.

"Refusing to support injustice with inaction"
A view from the death row resistance
Excerpts from the writings of Texas death row prisoner Rob Will, a DRIVE member who has kept a diary while on death row.

Witnesses to an execution speak out
Anti-death penalty activists are attending meetings around the country featuring the voices of those who lost a loved one to execution or faced the prospect of execution themselves.


Revolution in Germany
Pierre Broué's book on the German Revolution of 1918-23 recovers the history of one of the most courageous and tragic episodes in the workers' movement.


Republicans scramble for an alternative war plan
Will the Democrats end the war?
The escalating carnage in Iraq and rising U.S. casualties are turning the November elections into a referendum on the war and one-party Republican rule in all branches of government.


The new shape of the struggle
Bolivia under Evo Morales
Protests, violence and political polarization have re-emerged in Bolivia--this time challenging the reformist government of President Evo Morales.

Labour ministers echo anti-Muslim racism of far right
European leaders stoke Islamophobia
European politicians from London to Moscow are bashing Islam and immigrants, legitimizing politics previously limited to the anti-immigrant extreme right.

Behind the clashes in Gaza
An attack by Fatah militants on the security team of the Hamas prime minister of the Palestinian Authority highlighted the widening confrontation between the two groups.


Chanting "we want justice"...
Wal-Mart workers walk out in Florida
Almost 200 Wal-Mart workers at a store in a Miami suburb walked off the job in protest of new policies that appear to be aimed at forcing out full-time employees.

A sign of anti-Arab racism
The T-shirt they say is a threat
A New Yorker describes how she was harassed on the Staten Island Ferry for wearing of a T-shirt reading "We will not be silent" in English and Arabic.

New documents show the scale of federal surveillance
Spying on antiwar protesters
Newly released documents show that the U.S. government's program of domestic spying on antiwar protesters was even wider than initially thought.


Los Angeles teachers vote down a deal backed by union leaders
UTLA rejects city takeover
Los Angeles teachers union members voted in a referendum last month to reject a backroom deal that would give the mayor a leading role in controlling public schools.

Labor in brief
Goodyear | University of California-Santa Cruz


Police wield batons and pepper spray
Protesters attacked in Santa Cruz
A protest by hundreds of students and workers at the University of California-Santa Cruz was attacked by campus police wielding clubs and pepper spray.

Arrested for trying to join debate
Aaron Dixon, the Green Party's candidate for U.S. Senate in Washington, was arrested for protesting his exclusion from a candidates' debate.

News and reports
Unity for Gallaudet | Let Howie Hawkins debate | Defend immigrant rights


Republicans pay tribute to Henry Hyde
Good riddance to a bigot
It says something about the rotten state of mainstream politics that a bigot like Henry Hyde, who devoted himself to ending legal right to abortion, was fawned over.

Views in brief
U.S. won't save Darfur | Demeaning work tactics | Kyoto treaty is a fraud | Why we're for impeachment | Violence in Oaxaca


Moazzam Begg's story of detention and abuse
This is Bush's war on terror
Moazzam Begg's book Enemy Combatant gives a vivid picture of the day-to-day horror of detention for a suspect in the "war on terror."

Capturing revolution on film
Gillo Pontecorvo, one of the great revolutionary film directors of all time, recently passed away at the age of 86.

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