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December 1, 2006 | Issue 611


Sectarian violence marks tragic new chapter in the occupation
Why the U.S. is to blame for Iraq's nightmare
A horrific attack on Shiites in Sadr City has unleashed a terrible new cycle of sectarian retaliation and counter-retaliation.

U.S. officials exploit Gemayel assassination
Is Lebanon headed for civil war?
Following the assassination of a right-wing government minister, the U.S. government is stoking conflicts in Lebanon that could lead to another terrible civil war.

Palestinians defend targets of air strikes
In an act of immense courage, Palestinians in Gaza are forming "human shields" around buildings targeted by the Israeli military.


Smithfield workers demand "justicia"
Wildcat walkout in North Carolina
An estimated 1,000 workers walked off the job at a nonunion meatpacking plant in Tar Heel, N.C., after 75 employees were fired in a management attack on immigrants.


The myth of the Kennedys
The major problem with the new film Bobby is political--it regurgitates all of the myths about Robert Kennedy and his brother, President John F. Kennedy.

End of the liberal myths about 2004
The results of the 2006 midterm elections dealt a hard blow to the conventional political wisdom that the U.S. is an irredeemably conservative place.


Poised for a landslide reelection victory
Chávez and the future of Venezuela
No matter how convincing a victory that Hugo Chávez achieves in his reelection, the U.S. will be sure to dismiss the results of the December 3 vote as tainted.


Cops open fire on unarmed men
Killed in a hail of NYPD bullets
New York City police pumped 50 bullets into a car carrying three unarmed Black men in the early morning hours of November 25, killing one man on his wedding day.

His "crime" was not showing an ID
Tasered by UCLA cops
A student at the University of California-Los Angeles was Tasered by campus police November 14 for the "crime" of failing to present his student ID.

Top House Democrat proposes bringing back the draft
Would a draft be more fair?
While Rep. Charles Rangel may raise the right questions about who the U.S. government sends into battle, his plan to bring back the draft is terribly wrong.

Added sentence for Al-Arian
They want him to rot behind bars
Jailed Palestinian activist Dr. Sami Al-Arian has been sentenced to an additional 18 months in prison for refusing to testify for the government.

Prosecutors still targeting attorney
Federal prosecutors failed in their recent bid to get civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart thrown behind bars for the rest of her life. Now they're trying again.


SEIU strike major step forward for organized labor in the South
Victory for Houston janitors
Janitors claimed victory in Houston after a four-week strike in a battle that was widely regarded as a test for organized labor in the low-wage, nonunion South.

Bitter election fight in New York transit union
One year after an illegal strike by New York transit workers, members of Transport Workers Union Local 100 are voting in a union election marked by a bitter campaign.


News and reports
Fight racism at University of Cincinnati | Gay marriage is a right | Close the School of the Americas | Soldiers speak out | End the occupation


Baltimore activists form a freedom school board
"No education, no life"
Baltimore City students and supporters have picked up the torch of the Mississippi Democratic Freedom Party and established the Maryland Freedom Board of Education.

Views in brief
Racist rant of a "comedian" | Celebrating the Dixon run | Nothing funny about Borat


Fast Food Nation comes to the big screen
Greed is their secret ingredient
Fast Food Nation author Eric Schlosser and director Richard Linklater have made a film that puts the human beings who are part of the system into the spotlight.

Finally a book that says sexism still exists
Female Chauvinist Pigs provides a refreshing response to the post-feminist mantra that pervades our society: If you choose to embrace objectification, it can be liberating.

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