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January 26, 2007 | Issue 616


How can the U.S. war machine be stopped?
George Bush has sent a message to all who oppose him, saying in effect: What are you going to do to stop me? Now, the challenge facing opponents of the war is to take action.

Dahr Jamail on the White House plan:
Bush's surging disaster in Iraq
An independent journalist talks to Socialist Worker about the Bush administration's surge plan--and the next steps for the antiwar movement.

An antiwar vet talks about the growing...
Dissent in the ranks
Chanan Suarez Díaz talks to SW about how his experiences in Iraq transformed his views--about himself and the role of the U.S. in the world.

The new GI resisters
Defending war resisters is a critical part of ending the war, because it gives confidence to other soldiers considering their options as Bush plans his "surge" in Iraq

Support builds for Ehren Watada
Putting their war on trial
More than 350 people came out in Tacoma, Wash., to put the Iraq war on trial weeks before Lt. Ehren Watada is put on trial by the Army.

Guantánamo's shameful anniversary
In the past five years, more than 750 men and boys (some as young as 13) have been brought to Guantánamo. None has been tried for any crime. Only 10 have even been charged.

Jimmy Carter's book infuriates Israel supporters
Denounced for telling the truth
The publication of Jimmy Carter's Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid has forced the question of Palestine into mainstream debate.

The alternative to a world of war
Whatever the rhetoric of the day may be--from talk of "democracy" to "humanitarian" interventions--the U.S. only goes to war where its own interests are at stake.


The "universal health coverage" scam
The wave of bipartisan proposals for health care reform aim to provide a cash cow for the insurance industry, while demanding nothing in return.

Sixty years since the Flint sit-down
The strike of the century
The legendary Flint sit-down strike turned the tide more dramatically than any other 1930s strike--with the attention of the nation riveted on the autoworkers.

The materialist conception of history
A defining feature of human life is social organization. Human beings, with the exception of shipwrecked individuals, appropriate their material needs as a group, not in isolation.


Cook County health care workers say no
Public health care cut to the bone
Cook County politicians are proposing drastic cuts to a public health system that serves the poor in the Chicago area. But nurses and doctors aren't taking these cuts lying down.

Libby trial offers look at White House dirty tricks
Cheney on the hot seat?
The trial of former Cheney aide Lewis "Scooter" Libby still has the potential to take a toll on the White House--whether Libby is convicted or not.

New hunger strike on Texas death row
On January 1, 21 prisoners on Texas' death row participated in a "solidarity fast" for at least three days. Three weeks later, five inmates were still refusing food.


Hundreds take a vacation the bosses denied
Smithfield workers protest on MLK day
Some 500 workers at the Smithfield Foods pork-processing plant in Tar Heel, N.C., stayed off the job or walked out January 15 in recognition of Martin Luther King Day.

Labor in brief
New York City transit workers


Iraq war vets speak out in Burlington
Approximately 130 people packed the City Hall auditorium in Burlington, Vt., for a panel discussion on the theme of "Bring the Troops Home Now!"

News and reports
Defend abortion rights | Affordable housing is a right | Celebrating Martin Luther King's legacy


Using Frederick Douglass' legacy for political gain
O'Malley isn't on our side
Maryland's new governor, Martin O'Malley, joined the long and ignominious tradition of politicians twisting the words of dead radicals to serve their own ends.

Fountain Square's corporate takeover
After being closed to the public for a year for redevelopment, Cincinnati's Fountain Square was finally reopened on October 14, 2006--after being "privatized."

Views in brief
Pinochet's accomplices | Borat doesn't help our side | Time to close Hutto prison


Veterans expose the recruiters' lies
A powerful new documentary The Ground Truth allows Iraq war veterans to describe the brutal reality of the war and their disillusionment with the military.

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