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March 16, 2007 | Issue 623


The rise of the antiwar soldier
The relatively high-profile cases of military resisters provide the most visible expression of antiwar protest in the ranks. But they are only one kind of threat that soldiers can pose.

Two generations of the GI movement
SW talks to Jonathan Hutto, who spearheaded the Appeal for Redress petition, and David Cortright, whose history of the Vietnam-era soldiers revolt inspired the initiative.

Military's shameful treatment of vets
Unfortunately, the Pentagon isn't as interested in the health and welfare of soldiers once they return from Iraq.

The real antiwar opposition is outside Washington
The Democrats' plan to (not) end the war
Democrats have finally responded to the voters' mandate in the 2006 election with a proposal about the war on Iraq. Their plan? Keep the war going until the next election in 2008.

Another pack of war lies
With the Bush administration repeating the same saber-rattling rhetoric, Socialist Worker provides the facts to counter its case against Iran.


The struggle in Chávez's Venezuela
By upstaging George W. Bush's tour of Latin America, Hugo Chávez was promoting "socialism for the 21st century" as an alternative to neoliberal corporate globalization.

Why the U.S. locks up more people than any other country
Incarceration nation
We are often told that the U.S. is the "freest" nation on the planet. But to judge from the U.S. prison system, the exact opposite is the case.

Los Angeles' aggressive policies against the poor
Clearing out skid row
That Los Angeles' best response to its homeless crisis is to criminalize and intimidate its most vulnerable shows why we need to organize for a world with different priorities.


ICE raid on a sweatshop in Massachusetts
Rounded up and "disappeared"
A 7-year-old child calling up a hotline looking for her mother, and frantic parents searching for their children. These are the cruel consequences of the ICE raid in New Bedford, Mass.

Immigrant victims of deadly NYC fire
This tragedy didn't have to happen
A fire that swept through a building in New York killed 10 people from two African immigrant families--nine of them children, ranging in ages from 7 months to 11 years old.


Israel keeps the crossing to Egypt closed
Nightmare at Gaza border
"It's like the end of the world." That's how Abdel Hadi Salama described the scene at the Rafah border crossing in Gaza to an Associated Press reporter.


Labor in brief
Stop & Shop | Support the Immokalee workers


Chicago rally for immigrant rights
"This is everyone's struggle"
More than 2,000 people joined a rally in Chicago's Federal Plaza March 10 on the one-year anniversary of the first of last spring's mega-marches for immigrant rights.

Campus officials target Socialist Club for opposing war
Stop the witch-hunt at NEIU
Administrators at Northeastern Illinois University are targeting members of the NEIU Socialist Club following a protest of a recruitment event featuring the CIA.

Wash. activists try to block weapons shipments
"We are here to disrupt the war machine," said an activist as he related the events of demonstrations at the Port of Tacoma against the shipment of 300 Stryker tanks to Iraq.

News and reports
Defend Lynne Stewart | Justice for the San Francisco Eight


Exonerated death row prisoners testify in Maryland
Proof the system is broken
Two committees in the Maryland House and Senate heard wide-ranging testimony for and against repeal of the death penalty, while a moratorium on executions remains in place.

Questioning a 30-year-old injustice
A media investigation is shedding light on the case of North Carolina prisoner Ronnie Wallace--and throwing the question of his guilt into question.

Views in brief
Keep recruiters off our campus | Tony Blair's blood and lies | The real debate on anarchism


The reasons why Nader took a stand
A new film traces Ralph Nader's transformation from a reformer working firmly within the Washington system to a renegade confronting the two parties from the outside.

California--the prison state
Golden Gulag covers the rise of prison construction to counteract the slumping agricultural economy--and also tackles how family members can challenge the system.

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