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March 30, 2007 | Issue 625


The scramble for control of "black gold"
Oil and the empire
The U.S. government's thirst for oil isn't only about profits. In a world where the economic and military might of nations depends significantly on access to oil, it is also about power.

Why did the Democrats fund the war?
What the Democrats actually voted for was supplemental funding that would continue the war in Iraq for virtually the entirety of Bush's term.

Antiwar Democrats fold on spending bill
The March 23 vote in the House to pass a supplemental appropriations bill funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is an object lesson of liberalism in power.

Feds' persecution of Sami Al-Arian goes on
Let him go now!
After 60 days without food, an ailing Sami Al-Arian called off his hunger strike at the urging of his family. Hours later, a federal appeals court ruled against his plea for justice.


Pardoned death row prisoner Stanley Howard:
The legal lynchings that still go on today
A former condemned prisoner on the latest developments in the battle against the death penalty.

General's comments push issue back into spotlight
The "don't ask" disaster
The sentiment exists for demanding an end to "don't ask, don't tell" and the back-of-the-bus compromises on same-sex marriage.

How the NLRB system is rigged against labor
Why has George Bush, the king of stolen elections, become a staunch defender of elections under the rules of the NLRB?

Sacco and Vanzetti
The execution of the Italian immigrants and revolutionaries Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti took place 80 years ago in August.


Made to order for Corporate America
New bill won't help immigrants
A proposed new bill is bringing the debate over immigration law "reform" to a new level.

Tortured in their "war on terror"
An Australian man detained in the "war on terror" has exposed the U.S. system of torture and abuse at Guantánamo Bay and other prisons.

Racism on display in a Texas town
A 14-year-old African American youth is serving a possible seven-year prison sentence in the vicious Texas "justice" system--for the "crime" of shoving a school hall monitor.

Death penalty repeal halted in Maryland
Maryland isn't shutting the door on its death row--yet. The state Senate's Judicial Proceedings Committee blocked legislation to repeal the death penalty by a single vote.


Despite a brutal crackdown in Zimbabwe:
"A fighting spirit is reviving"
A Zimbabwean socialist reports on continuing strikes and protests, despite the crackdown ordered by autocratic President Robert Mugabe.

Will Palestinian unity government survive?
For months, Hamas and Fatah had negotiated the shape of a unity government. But renewed hostilities show that underlying differences between the rival factions have yet to be resolved.

Tensions rise over British boats in Iranian waters
Tensions continue to build between Iran and the U.S. and British governments after Iran captured 15 British sailors aboard two vessels that had illegally entered Iranian waters.

"Exposing crimes of the state"
The struggle for Palestinian rights lost an important voice with the sudden passing of Israeli author and activist Tanya Reinhart.


Cal State faculty gears up for strike actions
The union representing faculty in the California State University system has extended negotiations after an overwhelming vote to authorize a strike.

Labor in brief
Philadelphia Community College


Student government drops bid to ban Socialist Club
NEIU witch-hunt collapses
The bravado of the ringleaders in a witch-hunt against socialists at Northeastern Illinois University went out with a whimper.

Socialism for the 21st century
Organizing is underway for Socialism 2007, the national conference set for June 14-17 in Chicago.

News and reports
No to war and occupation | Stop the ICE raids | Abolish the death penalty


Kyle Snyder's courageous resistance
On February 23, under the direction of U.S. authorities, AWOL U.S. soldier Kyle Snyder was illegally arrested by Canadian police and detained for seven hours.

Views in brief
Neo-Nazis target immigrants | Chavez and struggle from below | Free Genarlow Wilson


300's cesspool of pro-war propoganda
Sparta's war on terror
Frank Miller's 300 has all the elements to make it a runaway success. It's also a rank cesspool of racism, sexism, homophobia and "freedom-loving" pro-war propaganda.

Not your average serial killer movie
The new film Zodiac is less about gruesome serial murders, though they are chillingly recreated, than about the failed hunt for the killer.

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