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July 6, 2007 | Issue 637


Will Sicko spark a movement?
Sicko has become a lightning rod for anger with the U.S. health care system--and activists who support radical reform were on hand to show people who saw the film what they can do.

Exposing a sick health care system
The message of Michael Moore's inspired and heartbreaking new documentary, Sicko, is a simple and direct one: the capitalist system kills.


"Blacks don't stand a chance in Jena"
Louisiana teenager Mychal Bell was convicted last week in a case that should be sparking outrage around the country about the racism of America's injustice system.

After the Senate immigration bill fails:
The challenges facing our movement
Renee Saucedo and Todd Chretien look at the challenges facing the immigrant rights movement following the defeat of the corporate-backed Senate immigration bill.

Sports and the politics of the Terrordome
Sportswriter Dave Zirin and Chuck D of Public Enemy spoke in May about Welcome to the Terrordome--Dave's newly published book, for which Chuck D wrote the introduction.

RUSSIA 1917 | Part 6
The revolution gains strength
As other parties in Russia compromised themselves in the eyes of the masses, the Bolsheviks faced difficult tactical questions related to the uneven character of the struggle.


Back to separate but equal
George Bush's right-wing Supreme Court made good on what so many expected of it in this session--culminating in a ruling that turned its back on Brown v. Board of Education.

The Constitution according to Cheney
The commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence was the latest event to highlight the colossal arrogance and apparently criminal behavior of the vice president of the United States.


Gaza and the future of the Palestinian struggle
Toufic Haddad, Mostafa Omar and Eric Ruder discuss the situation facing Palestinians in the wake of Hamas' dramatic takeover of Gaza and an escalation in Israeli violence.


Soldier in Iraq takes a stand against war
The three-month period ending June 30 was the deadliest for U.S. troops since the war began--and a time when antiwar soldiers undertook bold initiatives and won victories.

Double standards of North Carolina "justice"
The public repudiation of prosecutor Mike Nifong for his part in the Duke lacrosse rape case had nothing to do with concern for due process or the rights of the accused.

Judge keeps Al-Arian behind bars
A federal judge has decided to continue the imprisonment of former professor and Palestinian rights supporter Sami Al-Arian on trumped-up contempt charges.


In memory of Joshua Brand
We mourn the loss of our beloved friend and comrade, Joshua Brand. No words can adequately describe our sorrow at losing Josh.


UFT courts charter school boss
United Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten has reached across the country to stab the 48,000 members of United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) in the back.

Labor in brief
Delphi | Iraqi labor tour


Thousands flock to U.S. Social Forum
More than 10,000 activists mobilized from across the U.S. to attend the first ever U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta from June 27 to July 1.

They want to kill Kenneth Foster for driving a car
The state of Texas plans to execute Kenneth Foster Jr. on August 30. What makes Foster's case unique is that he killed no one--and the state of Texas is first to admit this.

Organizing a response to the raids
Some 60 people attended a workshop in Chicago to learn how to respond to immigration raids and deportations, and discuss how to further the immigrant rights struggle.

News and reports
The New Sanctuary Movement | Protest at immigrant prison | Immigrant rights in New Haven | Seattle protest of the Minutemen


Transit plans leave ordinary Chicagoans out
Every one of the more than 300 participants who gathered for a public hearing to discuss a proposal to increase Chicago transit fares seemed to have come with something to say.

Views in brief
The politics of Iraqi labor | The dictator that Bush supports

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