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August 31, 2007 | Issue 642


The forgotten Katrina refugees...
Still left behind
The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina exposed the reality of two Americas, standing side by side--one rich and one poor. Two years later, that harsh reality remains.


Amanda Jones' health care nightmare
Amanda Jones has had a traumatic struggle with a rare neurological disorder. But just as traumatic has been her struggle to get medical care in the richest country in the world.

As Kenneth Foster's execution date nears...
Looking to the struggle ahead
A Texas activist talks about the campaign to save Kenneth Foster, who faces an August 30 execution, and Kenneth's thoughts on the ongoing struggle to stop executions.

The ideas that frighten Texas officials
Sportswriter Dave Zirin tells about how Texas prison officials stopped his book from getting to death row prisoner Kenneth Foster.

Another rat leaves Bush administration
Alberto Gonzales announced his resignation after months of scandals, focused especially on his frenzied pursuit of Big Brother spy powers for the U.S. government.

NYPD's new excuse for racial profiling
The NYPD has produced a new report saying in essence that any Muslim-American who becomes more religious or smokes a hookah pipe could constitute a terrorist threat.

NYC media's racist crusade against Arab principal
Some 300 people rallied in New York City in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy and its former principal Debbie Almontaser.

Anti-abortionists' new abuse of Kansas doctor
One of the handful of doctors nationwide who provides later-term abortions is facing legal harassment at the hands of the Kansas court system and anti-choice fanatics.


Lying about Vietnam to justify his war
George Bush served up a heaping platter of distortions and right-wing myths in his much-hyped speech comparing the war that the U.S. lost in Vietnam to the one it's losing in Iraq.


In a world ruined by war, poverty and oppression
Why socialism makes sense
Todd Chretien makes the case for socialism--and explains why you should be a part of the struggle for a different kind of society.

The Black Power revolt
Before the ink had dried on the 1960s civil rights legislation ending legal racism in the South, Blacks in the North went into revolt against the conditions that defined their lives.

The story of Argentina's reclaimed factories
With workers in charge
Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis' forward introduces a book that provides a history of the dozens of Argentinian workplaces where workers took control and restarted production.


Chicago teachers clash over tentative deal
Some 800 delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union met for a stormy three-hour meeting to discuss the tentative agreement negotiated by union's president and her team.

Labor in brief
Seattle security guards


Protest hits Bush vacation spot
More than 4,000 people, largely from the Northeast, came to the Maine resort town of the filthy rich to ruin George W. Bush's summer vacation.

News and reports
R.I. protest against police brutality | Immigrant rights in Northern Virginia | Protesting for veterans' health care | Stop police brutality in Seattle


The terrible toll of immigration raids
The placard young Kayla made was more poignant and profound than any of ours. It read: "Make it legal for my Daddy to come back with his family please."

A prime example of the need for abolition
An Illinois prisoner and police torture victim writes on the case of Texas death row inmate Kenneth Foster.

Views in brief
Morocco activists ask for solidarity | Why the East Bay garbage workers did win | Pentagon's spy database closed down | Keep up the good work at SW


Making a change, starting tonight
If you thought Kanye West's take on Hurricane Katrina ("George Bush doesn't care about Black people") was right on, you'll want to hear what Mavis Staples has to say.

A soundtrack for struggle
Genre-busting hip-hop "grime" artist M.I.A.'s new album Kala presents 12 songs that address issues like migration, poverty and violence.

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