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October 5, 2007 | Issue 647


Inventing the next enemy
At no point in the media's recent campaign against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was there any serious examination of the allegations against Iran--or the larger U.S. aims at work.


Interview with Tom Engelhardt
When withdrawal doesn't mean withdrawal
The founder of TomDispatch talks about the consequences of the U.S. occupation of Iraq and the latest myths about it spun by the political and media establishment.

Hate week comes to campus
A veteran witch-hunter is behind a new round of Islamophobia coming to a campus near you in late October.


Bush wants to take away our kids' health care
George Bush is ready for a new assault in his crusade against poor children--as he prepares to veto a bill to increase funding to the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Feds' no-match crackdown put on hold
A judge has left in place a court order blocking distribution of Social Security "no-match" letters that the federal government aimed to use as an immigration enforcement tool.


Democracy protesters killed in Myanmar
The future of Myanmar is on the line following a brutal crackdown by government forces against pro-democracy protests.

A U.S. ally scrambles to stay on top
Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf appears to have the votes lined up to assure re-election, but opposition to his rule is building following six months of political crisis.

Excerpt from Between the Lines:
From Oslo to all-out war
A new book collects articles from the journal Between the Lines from the period following the collapse of the Oslo "peace" process and the Israeli government's turn to all-out war.


The Kucinich factor
Kucinich stands alone among the current crop of candidates in his principled stands. But he must be faulted for compromising in one respect: he remains beholden to the Democrats.

The Democrats' backward march
Not quite one year after taking control of Congress, the Democrats have not only failed utterly to stop the war on Iraq--they've caved in every confrontation with the White House.


The UAW's historic surrender at GM
Union concessions will allow the company to shed $50 billion in retiree health care obligations and destroy a 70-year tradition of equal pay for equal work with a two-tier pay scale.

Labor in brief
Bay Area security officers | UC patient care and service workers | Providence Health and Services


Student walkouts show anger over Jena 6
Students on dozens of campuses across the country walked out of classes October 1 in support of the Jena 6, whose case has become a lightning rod for anger about racism.

Upstate New York against the war
More than 2,500 people marched against the war in Syracuse, N.Y., in the largest antiwar protest in upstate New York since Vietnam.

NYC victim of racist assault is arrested
Days before tens of thousands of people mobilized nationwide to protest for justice for the Jena 6, a group of Black college students faced the same racism in New York City.

News and reports
Vigil for single-payer health care | Anti-immigrant racism at UC-Santa Cruz | Marching against war in Portland


A letter from Kenneth Foster:
We touched the world
A former Texas death row prisoner, saved from execution hours before he was to be put to death, writes to express his thanks to activists who organized to save his life.

The wrong way to battle sexism
Rep. Bobby Rush's congressional hearing on hip-hop recycled many of the same arguments of right-wingers who point the finger at musicians.

Views in brief
Racists respond to Jena demo | Building the antiwar movement


After the soldiers come back home
In the Valley of Elah is the first of several recent films to deal with some aspect of the war on Iraq--and it will haunt viewers long after they leave the theater.

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