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November 2, 2007 | Issue 651


The flames reveal two San Diegos
Divided by fire
The Great Firestorm of 2007--which has displaced several hundred thousand people--has revealed deep fissures cutting through a place that calls itself "America's finest city."


The collision of capitalism and nature
Author Mike Davis talks about the deeper causes of the California fires--above all, destructive land development driven by profit, and the failure of politicians to do anything about it.

Why was the DREAM Act defeated?
Senate immigrant bashers blocked a bill that would have allowed a path to citizenship for some undocumented youth. But the DREAM Act remains a topic of debate among activists.

A bailout for the banks only
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson's massive bailout fund for the mortgage crisis is designed entirely to save banks, not the millions of Americans who could lose their homes.

Another Fed terror frame-up collapses
What was supposed to be a "slam-dunk" terrorism prosecution fell apart when a jury refused to find five defendants from the Holy Land charity guilty on a single count.

Kansas clinic targeted by anti-abortion prosecutor
Opponents of a woman's right to abortion have taken their crusade against reproductive health provider Planned Parenthood into the courts--and Kansas is ground zero.

Why did the Feds refuse to act on Jena?
The need for action to support the Jena 6 was made abundantly clear at a congressional hearing that exposed the indifference of the Bush administration's Justice Department.


French unions' showdown with Sarkozy
Strikes across France October 18 paralyzed the country's rail, bus and subway systems for 24 hours in the first major confrontation between unions and President Nicolas Sarkozy.


Tale of two stadiums
The mainstream media overlooked the real story of the California wildfires. Just as in New Orleans, race and class loomed large in who got help and how.

Playing both sides of the fence
It's okay for Iraq-based Kurdish guerrillas to shoot, kill and bomb with abandon--as long as their targets are in Iran. If they do the same thing in Turkey, well, that's not okay.

The air strike you didn't hear about
Israel carried out a "pre-emptive" strike against an alleged Syrian nuclear facility--and governments around the world, including the U.S., shrugged.


UAW rams through Chrysler deal
Union leaders mounted an all-out effort to push through an unprecedented concessionary contract covering 45,000 workers at Chrysler by a narrow margin.

No gains in Teamsters new UPS contract
UPS can certainly afford to raise pay and improve conditions. But the sad truth is that Teamsters negotiators let UPS dictate the terms of this contract.


National day of antiwar protest in major cities
Thousands of people turned out for protests against the war in Iraq on October 27 in regional protests initiated by United for Peace and Justice.

Racist abuse ignites protest in upstate N.Y.
Racist harassment of a young girl at a local school in Ithaca, N.Y., and the school board's callous response to the abuse ignited a firestorm of protest and legal action here.

David Horowitz's Islamophobia week
Students, faculty and community members turned out to protest "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week," a campus tour of intolerance spearheaded by David Horowitz.

News and reports
Immigrant rights in San Diego | Defending the undocumented | Houston protest against executions | Toledo anti-death penalty forum


Will Bush start a war on Iran?
An SW reader and writer debate an article by Lance Selfa on whether a U.S. attack on Iran is likely to take place during Bush's presidency.

An inhumane system for immigrant families
The experience in Juarez for a Mexican citizen applying for a visa to the U.S. exposed many of the problems of the way the "legal road" works.

Views in brief
Hypocrisy about genocide | The lesson of In the Valley of Elah | What about the "Gravel factor"? | "No borders" or national sovereignty? | Thanks for Socialist Worker


Why Iraqis resist
Meeting Resistance, a powerful new documentary film, exposes the lies told in the U.S. media about the "insurgency" in Iraq.

Rendition's descent into fairy tale
A film that should be grounded in the horrifying facts of U.S. kidnappings of suspected "terrorists" descends into fairy tale realms that distract from the points it sets out make.

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