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October 26, 2017

Bad actions at Goodwill

IN RESPONSE to "Why Goodwill goes bad": The "Goodwill" corporation has been utilizing these work "ethics" for many years. It's outrageous that we accept this type of conduct from any employer in the United States while we are criticize other countries for treating people this way!

Goodwill should be ashamed of the way it treats the disabled. Any person who can take home millions, while paying someone else pennies per hour, should have to suffer some kind of reckoning.

However, Goodwill has gotten away with these work ethics for so long now that the upper echelon of this corrupt nonprofit could care less. We as a people need to stand up for each other, and send a clear message to employers that we won't tolerate this from anyone!
Preston Brooker, Phoenix

Clarifying our position on counterprotests

IN RESPONSE to "We are defending our clinics": I feel we are bit misrepresented in this story. The Illinois Choice Action Team (ICAT) never formally signed on as a supporting organization for this, even though some of our members were there.

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Our presence there that day doesn't mean we fully support counterprotests at all of the clinics we support, especially when the clinics do not want counterprotesters there, and we have an extremely large clinic escort team.

We appreciate the enthusiasm and support that you all give the movement. It's great to work together when the circumstances allow, but we kindly ask that you respect our position on this.
Benita Ulisano, founder and co-chair, ICAT Clinic Escort Team, Chicago

Bill de Blasio is just one man

IN RESPONSE to "Does Bill de Blasio deserve teachers' votes?": Once again, the left eats its own. New York City has been controlled by real estate money forever, so pardon DeBlasio if he can't provide an alternative economic system all by himself.

At least there is someone who mentions income inequality. I know it's not enough, but his campaign does have a point: Don't you think the right-wing thugs would love to destroy the social safety net in New York?

Let's not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Do you see what's happening in this country?
Jameel Battle, New York City

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