Debating austerity in Greece in the European Parliament (European Union 2015 | European Parliament)

Opposing the newest austerity plan in Greece

An activist in SYRIZA's left wing discusses the situation in Greece, after the government of Alexis Tsipras appeased European authorities with tax hikes and privatization.

Verizon wants to bust the CWA

Verizon is making billions in profits, yet it's demanding huge concessions from workers, explains a CWA member.

The main enemy is the regime

Egyptian revolution supporters who equally condemn the dictatorship and the Muslim Brotherhood are taking the regime's side.

Saying "Shell no" to drilling

Portland environmental activists briefly stopped a Shell oil ship from travelling to the Arctic for oil drilling.

"Bargaining" by cop

San Francisco Nursing Center has refused to negotiate and then called police to arrest community leaders supporting strikers.

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Marx Matters: A collection of SW articles on the Marxist tradition
The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

Rikers killed Kalief Browder

Kalief Browder

The brother of Kalief Browder, who took his own life after his unjust imprisonment at Rikers Island, talks about the ordeal.

Black lives and the Democrats

Even if the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination say the right thing, the party's history on issues of race speaks louder than words.

What did they do to Sandra?

Family and friends refuse to accept the official story about how Sandra Bland died in a Texas jail--and are pointing the finger at police racism.

Keeping the nukes on one side

The U.S. agreement with Iran on its nuclear program isn't a victory for peace and justice, but for the world's main imperial power.

The right wing's new big lie

The smear campaign against Planned Parenthood proves that there is no low the right won't stoop to in its quest to deny reproductive health care.

Union-buster for president

Two Wisconsinites explain what the rest of us need to know about Gov. Scott Walker and his campaign to become the Republican presidential nominee.

Bleeding California dry

California's drought crisis is only getting worse--but some of the state's residents are being affected far worse than others.

Next steps against evictions

Tenant rights' activists are fighting housing changes that are making San Francisco too expensive for working people.

A Fight for 15 breakthrough

Fast-food workers rally in New York City for a $15-an-hour minimum wage

A state-appointed board in New York has recommended that workers at national fast-food chains get a $15 minimum wage.

Resisting a manufactured crisis

Hundreds gathered for a Chicago Board of Education meeting to protest the endless budget cuts hitting the city's public schools.

Who was Atticus Finch really?

The intense debate about Harper Lee's second novel says something about the impact of her first--and its political limitations.

Serena is "The Greatest"

Serena Williams is a compelling heir to the legacy of Muhammad Ali--in terms of athletic prowess and the courage to speak out.

A vision of a shared humanity

The biggest pleasure in watching the Netflix series Sense8 is seeing the profound connections between very different people.

Our new tasks in the struggle

A Greek socialist and leader of SYRIZA's Left Platform speaks to a 2,500-strong rally as the fight against austerity continues.

Blackmail is not an agreement

The speaker of Greece's parliament and leading voice of the radical left speaks out on a second vote on Memorandum policies.

From resignation to resistance

A journalist for Red Flag reports from Greece as the radical left takes stock and organizes opposition to Alexis Tsipras' new Memorandum.

What SYRIZA cannot become

A leading voice of SYRIZA's Left Platform spells out the radical challenge to the new Memorandum negotiated by Alexis Tsipras.

A Brest Litovsk moment?

Several writers have compared Alexis Tsipras' surrender in Greece to the Russian Bolsheviks' harsh treaty with Germany.

Deported trying to go home

Israeli security forces inside Ben Gurion Airport

A Palestinian American recounts the abuse he endured from Israeli security while attempting to visit his homeland.

Modi attacks justice advocates

An Indian socialist organization calls for a united front against government attacks on activists opposing communal violence.

What "we" knew about Hitler

There's something more troubling than the 7-year-old future Queen of England giving the Nazi salute in honor of Hitler.

Whipping up nationalist fervor

Terrorist attacks have given the Egyptian regime of Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi the excuse for further measures against dissent.

Modern slavery for immigrants

The decision to cut search-and-rescue operations in the Mediterranean is an attempt to push migrants back from Europe.

In defense of gay marriage

Revolutionaries can use battles for reforms like marriage equality to win people to more radical goals--but not from the sidelines.

The Eastland disaster of 1915

A socialist journalist reveals how the priorities of capitalism were responsible for a deadly nightmare on the Chicago River.

The hunt for a decent job

Here in New Orleans, there are carpenters building homes for wages that are less than what many workers make at Walmart.

SYRIZA's lessons for the U.S.

Marxist principles and theory must be used to develop a concrete strategy that leads out of the decades-long political impasse.

A death at UPS

Our readers respond to a contribution talking about the death of UPS worker Dave Allyn.

Incitan odio usando tragedia

La clase política de California está explotando un tiroteo fortuito para eliminar importantes protecciones para los inmigrantes.

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