Socialism 2015 | Chicago | July 2-5
A low-wage worker struggles to cover her bills

Living in the barely- getting-by economy

Six years into a supposed economic recovery, almost half of the people in the world's richest country couldn't handle a $400 emergency expense.

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How race is conjured

The authors of the book Racecraft explain how the fiction of race obscures the real source of racism and inequality today.

A place to dance--and argue

Socialist filmmaker Ken Loach's Jimmy's Hall is about two struggles: fighting evictions and preserving a place to organize.

America's firing line

The frequency of mass shootings in the U.S. has people around the world wondering, "What is it with Americans and guns?"

A symbol of hate they still sell

If the Confederate flag is too toxic to sell, how can Walmart peddle the merchandise of the Washington football team?

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Dirty, dangerous and unethical | We want justice for Kumar | That flag belongs in the dustbin | We need gun control

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They need to free Bree

Sign a petition to support the antiracist activists who took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds.

They can't fight for themselves

Feras Morad and Hector Morejon were unarmed, but Long Beach police killed them anyway. Their families are fighting back.

The real roots of violence

The Charleston massacre has millions wondering what can be done--but the political and media establishment aren't offering real answers.

Why did de Blasio capitulate?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's proposal to hire some 1,300 new cops is another sign that he's no progressive savior.

Arrested by a racist in Seattle

An activist who was racially profiled, falsely arrested and brutalized speaks out for the right to organize and demonstrate.

How racism created a killer

Dylann Roof’s mass murder in Charleston exposes the racist rot at the heart of America—and those who profit from it, politically and financially.

Why isn't that racist flag gone?

Even some Republicans admit the Confederate flag is an insult to the victims of racist mass murder--but it's still flying in South Carolina.

The crucible of race and class

Parishioners at the Emanuel AME church mourn the victims of the massacre

The terrorist killings in a Black church is the product of 400 years of slavery, segregation and racist violence that still shapes life and labor today.

Facing violence for 200 years

To know the story of Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is to be in awe of its historic resilience.

Unraveling the Dolezal debate

The story of Rachel Dolezal--and the many responses to it--tell us a lot about how race is understood and misunderstood in this country.

Responsible for a witch hunt

The spotlight is back on top U.S. officials from the Bush years for their role in the post-9/11 persecution of Arabs and Muslims.

Torture was the rule

Newly declassified documents shed light on the CIA's detention and torture programs as the "war on terror" began.

A victory long in the making

The Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was a sweeping victory in the decades-long struggle to recognize the humanity of LGBT people.

The ugly business of detention

Talk about immigration "reform" may have stalled, but the the detention and deportation machine is running at full speed.

Affordable housing at risk

Nearly 2 million families in New York City are awaiting a deal in the state capital to restore the protections of rent stabilization.

The South Side needs real jobs

Dozens of Black construction workers picketed a site at the University of Chicago to demand good-paying jobs.

Greece's show of defiance

Rallying in front of the parliament building in opposition to austerity (Sarah Levy | SW)

The SYRIZA government's decision to hold a referendum on European demands for yet more austerity has opened up a new political situation.

Youth protests shake Armenia

Despite a police crackdown, the streets of the capital of Yerevan are alive with mass protests against an electricity price hike.

Where is France heading?

The French government's austerity policies bring an urgency to the task of rebuilding social movements and the radical left.

The fiction of "balance"

A United Nations report on war crimes committed during Israel's assault on Gaza seeks "balance" where there is none.

A simple choice in West Papua

Indonesian policies in West Papua have been designed from the beginning to silence the voice of the indigenous people.

Illegal, illegitimate and odious

The Truth Committee on Public Debt formed by the Greek parliament has issued a report documenting the crimes of the Troika.

Roots of Dominican apartheid

The cruel new law in the Dominican Republic against those of Haitian descent has its roots in U.S. policy in both countries.

The anti-austerity resistance

Hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of London for the "End Austerity Now" demonstration.

Why won’t she speak out?

Aung San Suu Kyi, a longtime symbol of the human rights struggle, has nothing to say about the persecution of the Rohingya.

The powerful punish Greece

Driving the latest demands for more austerity in Greece is a new constellation of imperial power in Europe driven by Germany.

The left advances in Turkey

A recently formed party based among Kurds but embracing the whole left in Turkey scored an election breakthrough.

Solidarity from the grassroots

A member of the Solidarity For All in Greece describes the effort to support people in need so they can fight back.

Class and the tech industry

Inside Yahoo's corporate offices

The tech industry has constructed a series of myths that obscure the realities of class power, exploitation and oppression.

Tall tales about Waterloo

The British media is celebrating the defeat of France's Napoleon in a battle 200 years ago, but the real story is different.

Reflecting on Juneteenth

Three Socialist Worker contributors comment on the Black freedom struggle 150 years after the date that historically marks the end of slavery.

The inevitable graveyard?

SW is right about Bernie Sanders, but could a Democratic campaign ever incubate the forces that could break with the party?

Beaten down at UPS

Every time I saw Dave at work, he seemed crushed by the weight of the scrutiny—his head down and his shoulders slumped.

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Will we have to pay for charters? | The impact Bernie can have | The problems at Quad | The limits of the left

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