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President Obama speaking in Florida (Paul E. Alers)

The U.S. won't fix the disaster it created

Barack Obama is leading the charge for a new war drive--but turning up the U.S. war machine will only add to the suffering and violence.

The "war on terror" on repeat

If the threat of al-Qaeda served to animate the "war on terror" in 2001, today, the Islamic State is the justification for war.

Who is killing the planet?

A Greenpeace activists sits at the top of a power plant

The stereotype is that we're all responsible for climate change, but this lets the real culprits--corporations and the wealthy elite--off the hook.

Kick the frackers out

The New York governor's race is providing an opportunity to campaign against the disastrous practice of fracking.

I: Developing a new practice

In the wake of the 1917 Russian Revolution, socialists initiated anti-racist activism aimed at fighting for Black equality.

II: Prioritizing the struggle

The Workers Party of the 1920s made fighting racism a priority by challenging the Klan and calling for racial equality in unions.

III: Anti-racist internationalism

Socialists in early 20th century America linked revolution at home with successful uprisings by workers in colonized nations.

Our struggle won't be silenced

The battle for academic freedom and Palestine solidarity is coming to a head with a critical moment for fired UIUC professor Steven Salaita.

"Civility" versus solidarity

Supporters of Israel are calling for "civility" on campus--as a way to police of any discourse or activism critical of Zionism.

Palestine activist faces threats

The president of the Ohio University Student Senate is facing harassment, including death threats, from supporters of Israel.

UIUC should right its wrong

Steven Salaita spoke publicly for the first time since his university fired him for his "uncivil" tweets criticizing Israel's war crimes.

Pressure builds on UIUC

University of Illinois officials are scrambling to justify the firing of Steven Salaita as an international solidarity campaign finds wider support.

More top articles of the week

Another broken promise

Obama abandoned executive action on immigration after moderate Democrats kicked up a fuss ahead of midterm elections.

Mexico's energy "reform" con

Mexico's ruling class won an important point on their neoliberal agenda with the Senate's passage of energy privatization.

Fight for 15 turns up the heat

Low-wage workers took part in civil disobedience across the country to call for a $15 an hour wage and a union.

Boston drivers won't give in

Dozens of drivers have lost their jobs and a union activist has been arrested in the drive to break Boston's bus drivers' union.

People's Climate March and Climate Convergence | New York City | September 19-21

The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
International Socialist Review |

How we confront the fascists

A counterprotest against neo-fascists in Sweden raises questions about the most effective way to confront the far right.

Free Maryam and Abdulhadi

Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja and Maryam Al-Khawaja are on hunger strike to protest their unjust imprisonment in Bahrain.

Solidarity with Greek cleaners

Hundreds of cleaners laid off by Greece's Finance Ministry are asking for support in the struggle to get their jobs back.

A different kind of Labor Day

Mothers and birth workers gathered in Seattle to call attention to the conditions under which women labor and give birth.

Hands up, don't ship

Minneapolis UPS workers take a stand in solidarity with protesters in Ferguson

Minneapolis UPS workers showed their solidarity with Mike Brown by protesting a company that makes targets for police.

Bringing BDS to Queens

Opponents of Israel's war on Palestine are beginning to organize locally in the boroughs to make their voices heard.

A message from the West Side

A victim of Chicago police torture writes after an angry protest following the killing of another African American youth.

The campus stands for Salaita

The international effort to defend Steven Salaita was bolstered by the eruption of a strong support campaign at UIUC.

Shore leave for capital

A new book by John Urry called Offshoring presents a concise history of a quarter-century of globalization.

You can't unsee it

A group of high-profile broadcasters and reporters say they will refuse to use the name of the Washington football team.

Native voices won't be bullied

It's no surprise when Sarah Palin agrees with football owner Dan Snyder that a racial slur should be an NFL brand.

Still trapped in the Jungle

A theatrical adaptation of Upton Sinclair's classic novel on stage in Chicago is bold, stunning and unabashedly radical.

Nuestra Opinión

Piden paz e incitan violencia

Los policías no son los únicos responsables por la violencia desatada en Ferguson --también lo son los líderes políticos que los ponen en acción.

Piden paz e incitan violencia

Los policías no son los únicos responsables por la violencia desatada en Ferguson --también lo son los líderes políticos que los ponen en acción.

Janay Rice re-victimized

Among the questions asked after the release of a video showing Ray Rice committing assault, one was glaringly missing.

Michfest is dying from bigotry

A bigoted policy excluding transgender women threatens the future of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival.

Why we stand for socialism

Members of the International Socialist Organization marching against NATO

Socialism is based on solidarity--on the recognition that humans are both infinitely unique and also share the same basic interests in common.

Zionism meets neoliberalism

The illegal occupation of Palestine has helped savvy university presidents and trustees earn handsome dividends.

The real distraction in the NFL

It seems like a lot of NFL executives are so fearful that they're unwilling to improve their teams by signing Michael Sam.

Who ignores the real crimes?

Those who complain that African Americans won't confront "Black-on-Black" violence don't care about its victims or actual causes.

A fight for justice everywhere

Around the U.S., there are millions of people who will never think about police violence and racism the same way after the uprising in Ferguson.

Before the terror of today

If the U.S. government wants to get at the roots of terrorism, it should look no further than its own support for repressive regimes.

The toll in Ukraine's civil war

Fighting is intensifying in the eastern region of Ukraine

Destruction and death are stalking eastern Ukraine, with worse to come, as fighting has intensified between pro-Russian rebels and government forces.

The fight for 15 and beyond

Last March, Trish Kahle analyzed the struggle that shifted the national debate on the minimum wage--and the new questions and issues at stake.

UPS tries to "shape change"

UPS had to respond to the tumult and discontent of the 1960s, but Big Brown did its best to "shape change" in its interests.

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