Soldiers in the First World War (above) and the U.S. war on Afghanistan (below)

What causes endless war?

According to Lenin, specific wars and conflicts may have specific causes, but generalized war and conflict are permanent conditions of capitalism.

We need clinic defenders

Abortion rights activists need to make our voices heard at the clinics, so we can regain some of the ground lost to the right.

Teachers back Hawkins-Jones

The Green Party's Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones are breaking new ground for independent politics in New York.

They rule, but we can fight

A new book by Paul Street shows how the rich have created a "second Gilded Age"--and also caused a fightback.

The eternal "thank you"

After 14 years of the "war on terror," the countless ceremonies and "thank yous" to military veterans need to be questioned.

Echoes of Ferguson's struggle

A march in Boston shows how the resistance following Mike Brown's murder has galvanized a new generation of activists.

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Who's afraid of third parties?

The Democrats and Republicans have worked hard to protect their duopoly, which allows the two pro-corporate parties to share power between them.

The WFP charade unravels

New York's Working Families Party hands progressive votes to Democrats with the false promise of providing an alternative.

A left alternative in Oakland

Only one candidate has stood out from the grey blur of Democrats running for mayor of Oakland: civil rights attorney Dan Siegel.

The Jeffco rebels

A right-wing school board in Colorado has provoked an eruption of walkouts and sick-outs by students and teachers.

Let us graduate, let us educate

A walkout at Seattle's Garfield High forced the school district to back off its threat to cut one teacher in a core subject area.

Smears won't stop the struggle

Mike Brown is being subjected to more slanders--but a new generation of activists who have emerged around this case are keeping up the fight.

The racist blame game

Solidarity, not scapegoating--that's what is needed to confront the threat of Ebola and to counter the racist victim-blaming going on in Washington.

First steps to take on Ebola

National Nurses United rallies in support of Nina Pham and all nurses (NNU)

National Nurses United is fighting to protect front-line health care workers against a system that isn't prepared for Ebola.

The poll tax is back in Texas

The Supreme Court gave a green light to a Texas law that could prevent hundreds of thousands of Blacks and Latinos from voting.

A gag rule aimed at Mumia

Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to push through an outrageous attack on the free speech rights of prisoners and their supporters.

Standing up for Philly teachers

Thousands flooded the street in front of the Philadelphia school district headquarters to protest an attack on teachers.

We're taking our union back

SEIU members in Seattle are organizing for free and fair elections to change the Local 6 leadership and revitalize their union.

Two calls to challenge the war

The revolutionary response to the First World War was shaped by two manifestoes written by V.I. Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

What made the "tightest ship"?

"The tightest ship in the shipping business" was created by systematically breaking the power of the Teamsters union.

Islamophobia TV

Homeland speaks volumes about the consistently awful representation of Arabs, Islam and Muslim-majority countries on TV.

Whose "last days" in Vietnam?

The documentary Last Days in Vietnam reinforces the lie that the U.S. government's war in Vietnam was "humanitarian."

Ébola, racismo y pobreza

Solidaridad es lo que se necesita para enfrentar la amenaza del ébola, no acusar a sus víctimas, ni la histeria racista que inunda Washington.

Why is the antiwar fight weak?

The reaction to Barack Obama's launching of a new war in Iraq couldn't be more different to what greeted George Bush's invasion. Why?

The war for the Middle East

U.S. air strikes have as much to do with stopping ISIS violence as the invasion of Iraq did with weapons of mass destruction.

The betrayal of the Kurds

Despite their occasional claims, Western leaders have never cared about self-determination for the Kurdish people.

The fearleaders for war

Clockwise from top left: Rudolph Giuliani, Bill Maher, Bill O'Reilly and Barack Obama

The rise of ISIS has been the excuse for politicians and the media to spew Islamphobia--as part of a campaign to win support for more war.

Canada's scapegoaters at work

The attacks on soldiers in Canada will be used to toughen security laws, limit civil liberties and build up police agencies.

Youth and the revolution

Two members of Marea Socialista Youth in Venezuela talk about the role of youth in the struggles that are shaping the future.

Students keep up the fight

October 22 will be a day of action for the student protesters who were murdered and abducted by police in southern Mexico.

The road ahead in Venezuela

A Venezuelan socialist talks about the state of the revolutionary process and the conflicts that will shape the country’s future.

Britain recognizes Palestine

The British Parliament's vote to recognize Palestinian statehood is symbolic, but offers an opening for the liberation movement.

Solidarité avec Gaza

A socialist in France is among those facing charges for defying the government's ban on pro-Palestine protests this summer.

Setting a new speed record

Days after vowing to hand over new powers to Scotland, British political leaders were debating which powers to take away.

SEIU 1021 and the real record

An ISO member in the Bay Area answers a critique that he and SEIU Local 1021 promoted concessions and shilled for San Francisco's mayor.

Let Dutee run!

By speaking out against pressure to conform to arbitrary gender distinctions, runner Dutee Chand is an inspiration.

S.F.'s playground for the rich

The "tech bros" show off their paid-for permit to use a Mission soccer field

A viral video of a soccer field confrontation has revealed the growing resentment and resistance to gentrification in San Francisco.

The election quest

The ultimate message of the Democrats in elections is: be passionate, be committed, but remember, do it on our terms.

Which reforms do we win?

If its interests are more threatened by refusing a reform than granting it, the ruling class will grant the reform.

An insult for Halloween

Each fall, we see thousands if not millions of new "Indian" faces--in the racist costumes being sold for Halloween.

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