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Demonstrators march for Freddie Gray in Baltimore

The Baltimore Rebellion

The eruption of mass protest in Baltimore is not a repeat of Ferguson, but an expansion of the resistance and its evolution onto new terrain.

In the streets for Freddie

While the media focus on property damage, protesters are taking to the streets to demand justice for Baltimore police murder victim Freddie Gray.

Reports of the resistance

SW contributors tell what they saw in Baltimore and New York City as the protests that erupted after Freddie Gray's murder continue.

Black lives matter on May 1

Dockworkers will shut down the massive Port of Oakland on May Day in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Apartheid games in Baltimore

Baltimore's Camden Yards stadium is a symbol of what ails urban America and fuels anger among its residents.

Sources of the eruption

Politicians have sent a message that the enemies of civic peace in Baltimore are those looking for justice for Freddie Gray.

The impact of a coming out

Bruce Jenner's interview has opened a door for many to hear a broader conversation about trans lives for the first time.

A long fight for equal marriage

The Supreme Court heard arguments in cases involving four states where the legal battle for marriage equality seems stalled.

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New: Statement from Baltimore

Reporters singled out by police

Three contributors in Baltimore describe the police threats they faced after a day of peaceful protests.

Other Top Articles of the Week

Heading for a Grexit?

The EU's big squeeze could force Greece's SYRIZA government to choose between abandoning its promises or defaulting and leaving the euro.

Treaty to declare economic war

Barack Obama wants to win passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to reassert U.S. geopolitical and economic dominance.

The undeclared drone war

Barack Obama's escalation of drone warfare is central to a larger reengineering of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Save the Union or end slavery?

A war against slaveholders had to be transformed into a war against slavery for the North to win the Civil War.

Socialism 2015 | Chicago | July 2-5

Ayotzinapa comes to NYC

A caravan of parents of the missing Ayotzinapa students in Mexico traveled to New York City to share their story.

Keep the charters out

New York parents, students and teachers are challenging another plan to co-locate charter schools with underserved schools.

Killing capital punishment

With public support for the death penalty declining dramatically, the barbarous practice may be on its way out.

Superheroes and consequences

The television series Daredevil is the smartest, darkest and most sophisticated superhero tale yet from Marvel Studios.

From the archive

"It is a subterranean fire"

The eight-hour-day struggle of 1886 and the example of the radicals who were martyred for leading it have passed on a message of defiance to future generations.

The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
Marx Matters: A collection of SW articles on the Marxist tradition
International Socialist Review |

Khury Petersen- Smith writes on "Black Lives Matter: A New Movement Takes Shape" in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review. For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the website.

Rise up for Rekia!

A Chicago courtroom erupted in anger at a new travesty of justice when a judge allowed the cop who killed Rekia Boyd to go free.

Putting the police in prison?

Dante Servin, the murderer of Rekia Boyd, in court before the charges against him were dismissed

The struggle to hold police responsible for their racist violence can build confidence for people to organize for bigger changes.

Cornel West is not Mike Tyson

Michael Eric Dyson's diatribe against Cornel West is misguided--and not just because it misuses a boxing metaphor.

Chicago after the mayoral vote

Supporters of Chuy García claim his campaign for mayor against Rahm Emanuel reshaped Chicago politics--despite García's pro-austerity stance.

Who will test the testers?

Unprecedented numbers of New York students are opted out of state exams, creating a crisis of legitimacy for corporate education reformers.

A step toward fair pay at UW

Activism forced University of Washington administrators to agreed to pay all student workers at least $11 an hour.

Portland against the TPP

Hundreds of union members and movement activists in Portland, Oregon, protested the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Slavery and the roots of racism

The American Civil War ended 150 years ago, and with it, the system of slavery that built the U.S.--and world capitalism.

The resistance to slavery

The history of slavery is also a history of resistance and of the revolutionary overthrow of an entrenched system.

The road to the Civil War

The North and South were on a collision course, but the shape and timing of the conflict depended on political questions.

The sun, the rain and the whip

A new book about the history of slavery in the U.S. explains how unfree labor made American capitalism into a global force.

The Messiah and the muse

With Black Messiah, D'Angelo has made an album that is a revolutionary masterpiece and signifier of the collective psychology.

The great strike's long shadow

Still the Enemy Within recalls the heroic British miners' strike of 1984-85 with interviews and never-before-seen footage.

Syndicalism's lessons

Radical Unionism provides a history of the syndicalist movement that is important reading for revolutionary unionists today.

Dying on Europe's doorstep

The drowning deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea are a manmade disaster caused by political leaders who scapegoat immigrants.

Greece at the grassroots

A member of the SYRIZA Central Committee looks at the state of the working class and social movements in Greece.

Contours of the class struggle

A U.S. labor activist who has worked with unionists in China discusses the outlook for struggle among Chinese workers.

A high-stakes trial in Greece

The trial of Golden Dawn, now adjourned for at least two more weeks, will have critical importance in Greece and around Europe.

The testing system is guilty

Atlanta educators are taking the fall for a high-stakes testing system where schools pay a high price for low scores.

Snow days under socialism

A subway station in Cambridge (Peter Enyeart)

The record-breaking snowfall and cold in the Northeast begs the question: What would winter look like in a different society?

Wrong targets for a solution

It is the capitalist class as a whole, and not the consumption of individual workers, that has caused climate change.

Legacies of struggle in China

History shows that there is a drive for social change among Chinese workers, despite how it is obscured at times.

Misunderstanding syndicalism

It was Marxism, not syndicalism, that historically proposed a division of labor between politics and the economic sphere.

Socialist takeover at Gravity?

What's behind the decision of one Seattle CEO to raise salaries at his company to a minimum of $70,000 a year?

Theodore Allen on privilege

The radical historian Theodore Allen's writings on race, privilege and the working class developed over many decades.

Views in brief

What wasn't concrete? | Privilege theory and white entitlement | Tarring himself | Lessons of the IWW

Views in brief

Where Chuy dared not go | Blind to the blindspot | Using health as a weapon | Ambivalent about the Indiana boycott

UPS hounds a driver

UPS made a point of displaying a driver's wrecked package car at the gate of the facility as a "learning symbol."

Views in brief

Resistance in Southern Yemen | We need concrete demands | An injustice to Indiana women | The answer to global warming

Muerte a las puertas de Europa

La muerte por inmersión en el mar Mediterráneo es un desastre causado por la política que los líderes europeos han usado contra los inmigrantes.

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