The "tech bros" show off their paid-for permit to use a Mission soccer field

This won't be another playground for the rich

A viral video of a soccer field confrontation has revealed the growing resentment and resistance to gentrification in San Francisco.

An insult for Halloween

Each fall, we see thousands if not millions of new "Indian" faces--in the racist costumes being sold for Halloween.

A gag rule aimed at Mumia

Pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to push through an outrageous attack on the free speech rights of prisoners and their supporters.

A left alternative in Oakland

Only one candidate has stood out from the grey blur of Democrats running for mayor of Oakland: civil rights attorney Dan Siegel.

Solidarité avec Gaza

A socialist in France is among those facing charges for defying the government's ban on pro-Palestine protests this summer.

Setting a new speed record

Days after vowing to hand over new powers to Scotland, British political leaders were debating which powers to take away.

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Marx Matters

Marx Matters: Articles on the Marxist tradition from

Socialist Worker has collected our articles about Marxism and the Marxist tradition on one page. Take a look to learn more about the ideas of revolutionary socialism.

Progressive face for Democrats

Elizabeth Warren's speeches may sound good, but her main role is to put a populist façade on a party that stands for preserving corporate power.

What moved the Court?

Marriage equality supporters rally outside the US supreme court building (David Sachs | SEIU)

What would lead a Supreme Court stacked with conservative justices to make a decision that furthers the cause of same-sex marriage?

First steps to take on Ebola

National Nurses United is fighting to protect front-line health care workers against a system that isn't prepared for Ebola.

Ferguson comes to the NFL

Dozens of fans organized for a St. Louis Rams game to bring #FergusonOctober and police violence to a primetime audience.

Our alarming health system

What we know about the Ebola outbreak in Texas should frighten us about the problems of the U.S. health care system.

Two laws for two New Yorks

Bill de Blasio passed a law guaranteeing paid sick days to much fanfare--but businesses that violate it get off easy.

Ferguson means fight back

The courageous resistance shown after the police murder of Mike Brown has inspired solidarity from far beyond Missouri.

Not just a moment in Ferguson

Thousands of people gathered in downtown St. Louis as part of Ferguson October--to carry on the struggle against racism and police murder.

Putting pregnant teens on trial

The restrictions on minors seeking abortion in Alabama are linked to the right's crusade to destroy women's rights around the U.S.

Steven Salaita is speaking out

Steven Salaita, the professor fired for his tweets denouncing Israel's war on Gaza, spoke at four campuses in Chicago.

Why is Burge free?

The head Chicago police torturer is free after less than four years in prison--while some of his victims are still behind bars.

A threat to all teachers

Students in Philadelphia march during their solidarity "strike" defending their teachers (Cy Wolfe)

The state-run school board in Philadelphia has torn up its contract with the teachers' union and imposed takeaways.

New contract ends Ohio strike

Teachers in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, approved a new contract that makes progress on some issues, despite concessions on others.

Wrong strategy in Connecticut

The Connecticut Education Association endorsed a Democratic governor with a history of attacking teachers' unions.

¡Todos somos Ayotzi!

Gente de todo el mundo responde al desaparecimiento de 43 estudiantes normalistas mexicanos a manos de la policía.

Kobanê and the revolution

A Syrian revolutionary argues that the fates of the Kurdish national struggle and the Syrian revolution are linked together.

Kurds face betrayal on all sides

The Kurdish city of Kobanê in northern Syria has stood alone against an onslaught by ISIS fighters, abandoned by world and regional powers.

After Israel's war on Gaza

Israel's 51-day assault imposed a terrible toll on the people of Gaza--and the apartheid state is seeking to continue the pressure.

UKIP-izing English politics

The racist, right-wing UK independence Party won its first seat in British parliament and very nearly a second.

The killings rocking Mexico

Protesters demand justice for the missing students from Ayotzinapa in Mexico

Tens of thousands protested in Mexico after the killing of six student teachers by police and the disappearance of 43 more.

The terrorism of poverty

Racism and the drive for profits are making the Ebola crisis worse in West Africa--at a terrible cost in human suffering.

The Malala the media ignores

One of the Nobel Peace Prize winners is a socialist opponent of U.S. drone strikes, but you wouldn't know it from the media.

Pinkwashing at The Advocate

The Advocate refused to run my article on Israel's pinkwashing after seeking to remove words like "apartheid" and "occupation."

Israel's war on Gaza is no game

Activists protested a preseason game between the NBA's Brooklyn Nets and the Maccabi Tel Aviv team from Israel.

What Leninism means to us

The Leninist project still involves an attempt to build a centralized revolutionary party based on the most advanced workers.

Getting organized for socialism

Socialists try to strengthen every struggle they're involved in--while building organization that gathers others around the cause of socialism.

This day celebrates an enemy

The historical record is clear about Christopher Columbus' barbarism. So why is there still a federal holiday to honor him?

Introducing Victor Jara

A pamphlet on the left-wing Chilean folk singer killed during the 1973 military coup will tell his story to a new generation.

Socialists rooted in the struggle

A new collection of essays by Kim Moody is explicitly written for socialists organizing in or around the labor movement.

How Pride grows

Pride brings to life the 1984 Welsh miners' strike and the solidarity from gays and lesbians that forever changed them all.

U2's songs of emptiness

The mission of Bono from U2 isn't simply to provide capitalism with a human face. It's to ruin music in the process.

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