Protesters in New York City stand up against anti-Muslim hate (Matt Swagler | SW)

A war of terror and hate

It's the 21st-century version of the old recruiting poster: Uncle Sam wants hate Muslim "extremists" and trust him to go to war again.

Hong Kong in the streets

Hong Kong has taken to the streets to protest the lack of democracy and government corruption.

Getting the union moving

Members of a reform slate were elected onto the bargaining team for NYU's Graduate Student Organizing Committee.

Standing for Gaza in the NBA

We can't separate tours by Israeli sports teams from the Israeli government's devastating war on Gaza.

Stopping the school sellers

Despite the best efforts of the "consultants," a British community rebelled against the school privatizers--and won.

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Marx Matters

Marx Matters: Articles on the Marxist tradition from

Socialist Worker has collected our articles about Marxism and the Marxist tradition on one page. Take a look to learn more about the ideas of revolutionary socialism.

New life for the climate fight

Marchers in the massive climate justice demonstration in New York City (Stephen D. Melkisethian)

The hope for action on climate change comes not from paralyzed heads of state, but from another welling up at the grassroots.

The climate march cynics

The criticisms of the climate march as "tame" and "symbolic" miss the importance of demonstrations like these in building future movements.

A global call for climate justice

As many as 300,000 marched in New York City in the largest of thousands of events held to call for real action on climate change--before it's too late.

Either jobs or the planet?

Organized labor's traditional attitude has been: If the environment gains, then workers must be losing. But it doesn't have to be a zero-sum game.

Choosing slander over debate

A pro-Palestine professor fired by the University of Illinois speaks out about the drive to silence him and other critics of Israeli apartheid.

Why isn't UPS on trial?

The killings at a UPS facility in Alabama are a reminder of the effects of toxic working conditions and militaristic discipline.

Turning a mom into a criminal

Jennifer Whalen is going to jail--because she decided to help her teenage daughter get an abortion.

In the Troy Davis book club

For the third anniversary of his execution, people around the country, including prisoners, are reading I Am Troy Davis.

Taking rape out of the shadows

Columbia University students stand with survivors of sexual assault (Jen Roesch)

A movement against campus sexual assault has taken off at Columbia University--and it has valuable lessons for anyone who wants to take a stand.

Which way will Lewis run?

The despised Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing a re-election challenge--but will his likely opponent live up to her radical reputation?

The lies they told about safety

If GM is ever made to pay for its deadly negligence, the government agency in charge of regulating it should pay, too.

These strikers won't back down

Teachers in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, are on the picket line and getting support from students and parents--despite the district's threats.

UW contract deadline looms

Unions at the University of Washington have come together to fight for better working conditions and a living wage.

Driving the poor from housing

The Seattle Housing Authority is proposing a rent increase of 500 percent over six years for some public-housing residents.

Nuestra Opinión

Otra promesa rota

Obama rehusó para dar alivio a millones de indocumentados y prefirió aliviar la arena electoral de los demócratas más derechistas.

¿Componiendo un desastre?

Barack Obama encabeza los esfuerzos por una nueva campaña bélica, aunque la máquina de guerra estadounidense sólo aumentará el sufrimiento.

The war through Afghan eyes

Journalist Anand Gopal's new book answers the many haunting questions that remain about the U.S. war on Afghanistan.

Obama's ever-expanding war

U.S. air strikes in Syria add another ingredient to the deadly mix of conflicts that is breeding violence and oppression in the Middle East.

Washington's selective outrage

The "growing threat of terrorism" is the Obama's administration's excuse for the latest drive to war in the Middle East.

Mahienour is free!

A judge suspended the prison sentence of Egyptian socialist Mahienour El-Masry, who was jailed for violating Egypt's protest law.

Independent of austerity?

Conservative Party Prime Minister David Cameron

Many of the people who voted "yes" to Scottish independence appeared to mainly want independence from English austerity.

A bitter defeat in New Zealand

The center-right ruling party won a crushing victory in New Zealand's elections, handing Labour its worst result since the 1920s.

The tremors from Scotland

The significance of the referendum on independence from Britain will continue to be felt long after the voting is over.

What's at stake in Scotland?

Two articles from the rs21 website consider the factors at play in today's referendum on independence for Scotland.

Protests, profits and Ebola

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa continues to run rampant because of the failure of the West to provide needed aid.

Learning from Upton Park

The international character of today's cosmopolitan city is before our eyes all the time--and so is the potential for solidarity.

On the wrong side of the law

For many women--especially Black women--law enforcement is part of the problem, not the solution to domestic violence.

The poverty of culture

The narrative of a "culture of poverty" is racist code used to dismiss the effects of structural inequality on African Americans.

A breakthrough moment?

Israel's war on Gaza created the potential to turn the cause of Palestine into a mass movement--if we can seize the moment.

From our archives

A victim-blaming system

Last year, Jen Roesch examined the horrifying facts about a gang rape in an Ohio town--and how it exposed the reality of rape today.

The NFL flip-flop-flippers

Football executives have no credibility with players, little credibility with fans and diminishing credibility with sponsors.

What's a "real" Democrat?

Randy Credico did run a serious campaign in New York, but he's in the wrong party if he wants to fight for working people.

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Trans women are women

If trans and intersex women can't find "safe space" in the women's rights or queer communities, where can they go?

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