A right-wing mobilization against the refugees in Slovakia

Europe's rising tide of refugee scapegoating

As more migrants flee to Europe, EU leaders are erecting legal and physical hurdles--and the right wing is spreading its anti-immigrant hate.

On crisis and polarization

Almost a decade after the Great Recession, the world economy remains in a weakened state, and that has fed political instability.

What happened to Rey?

The exclusion of the main character of the new Star Wars movie from merchandise aimed at kids wasn't an accident.

Super Bowl City and tent cities

The city that hosted the Super Bowl is in the midst of a stunning real estate boom—while the number of homeless jumps to new highs.

Trump y la clase obrera blanca

El autor de Los Demócratas: Una Historia Crítica, desenmaraña el mito mediático sobre el supuesto conservatismo de la clase obrera blanca.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
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The History of Black America

Read Socialist Worker's series on the history of the African American struggle in the U.S., from slavery through Jim Crow, civil rights and Black Power, up to the present day.

The health care scaremongers

The Clinton campaign is trying to smear Bernie Sanders for endorsing single-payer health care--and defending the disastrous Obamacare system.

Iowa's radical message

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign in Iowa

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders may have ended up in a tie, but the winner of the first Democratic primary was the socialist from Vermont.

The push to smear the socialist

Clinton supporters are worried about Bernie Sanders not because he's turning off voters with his radicalism--but because he's attracting them.

The Clintons' shameful record

Hillary Clinton is trying to downplay Bernie Sanders' surge in the polls by highlighting her support among Blacks--support she doesn't deserve in the least.

We'll keep fighting for Noel

Despite intimidation by Long Beach police, activists went ahead with a march and civil disobedience action to protest police murder.

He thought they'd stay silent

The conviction of an Oklahoma City cop who committed serial rape is exposing routine abuse committed against Black women.

On the road ahead for BLM

Protests and actions in the Bay Area during Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend have raised important discussions for the struggle.

Trying to exploit rural anger

Hundreds stand up against the militias in Harney County

A leader of the Rural Organizing Project in Oregon analyzes the politics of the occupiers who took over the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

More than just the hate crimes

We need to look beyond individual acts of Islamophobia to the racist and militaristic structures in American society.

On Rauner's chopping block

Illinois' Republican governor is demanding massive budget cuts for public colleges that will cost jobs and devastate communities.

Caught in their own trap

The indictment of two anti-choice fanatics in Texas is welcome, but the right's attack on Planned Parenthood has already taken a toll.

They poisoned a city

Flint's lead-poisoning crisis is finally getting national attention. But will the austerity fanatics and unaccountable bureaucrats be held responsible?

Rahm declares war on the CTU

The city's threat to lay off 1,000 teachers and cut the pay of Chicago Teachers Union members is at the heart of a new battle over public schools.

What caused the ILA wildcat?

A short-lived work stoppage by East Coast longshore workers raises questions about the power of a little-known commission.

Respect the BDS picket line

Labor activists are circulating a letter calling on the UAW International to honor a local's historic vote in solidarity with Palestine.

We'll hold Snyder accountable

Hundreds turned out to Gov. Rick Snyder's State of the State speech to make sure he doesn't get away with poisoning Flint.

Confronting the March for Lies

Abortion rights supporters turned out in Chicago's bitter cold to counterprotest the anti-choice "March for Life."

Behind the oil price wars

The impact of falling demand and increasing supply is driving the price of oil down far and fast--with devastating and unlooked-for consequences.

Making the Zika threat worse

The explosion in Zika cases in South America speaks to the rotten core of a system that puts profit above human needs.

Haiti's struggle continues

Another fraudulent election by the U.S.-backed regime is being contested by a courageous outpouring of popular resistance.

Did Britain run both sides?

With allegations that British intelligence was complicit in IRA killings, what justification is there for a conflict in which 4,000 died?

Broad left parties and SYRIZA

Supporters of SYRIZA on the march

A contribution to the discussion of the SYRIZA experience in Greece and the left's debate about a question of strategy today.

Brazil in peril

The roots of the Zika virus outbreak lie in the priorities that brought the World Cup and Olympics to Brazil in quick succession.

Europe's unelected leaders

A leading left-wing economist describes how the European creditors maneuvered Greece into a position of subordination.

No Jungle and no borders

Refugees in the camp known as "the Jungle" in France are refusing to go quietly as the government attempts to move them.

The Bay against the Bowl

A journalist and Oakland resident explains why many in the Bay Area are planning not Super Bowl parties, but Super Bowl protests.

Why are the Oscars lily-white?

The all-white nominations list for this year's Oscars is the starkest example, but it is symptomatic of Hollywood as a whole.

First-string socialist

The former St. Louis Cardinal lineman and member of the International Socialists will be remembered for what he did off the field.

A travesty revealed on camera

The Netflix series Making a Murderer tears the mask off the criminal justice system--for a huge audience across the country.

Trans on the small screen

The series Transparent follows a wealthy Jewish family with a father making a transition from male to female identity.

Millions of Egyptians celebrate as Hosni Mubarak is toppled

Five years ago, SW's Ahmed Shawki reported from Cairo on the Egyptian revolution in the making. His articles, collected in a featured series, are an amazing document of the ebb and flow of the revolt against Mubarak.

Trigger warnings and ableism

Trigger warnings are an important accessibility tool for people with disabilities that are the result of trauma.

Una herramienta de dominio

El Estado moderno es el Estado de la clase dominante, y su principal propósito es asegurar su dominio de clase.

Obama deporta refugiados

La política hacia los refugiados del demócrata en la Casa Blanca habría encontrado oposición si un republicano la hubiera implementado.

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