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SYRIZA supporters demonstrating in Athens

A new day for Greece

SYRIZA's victory in Greek elections is a long-awaited breakthrough against a ruling class agenda that has inflicted suffering across Europe.

The tasks ahead for the left

The Internationalist Workers Left, a prominent group in SYRIZA's Left Platform, issues a statement after the formation of the new government.

How will the EU strike back?

Germany and the European Union will keep up the pressure on Greece--but the country's left-wing government has a mandate to reject austerity.

The challenges begin now

A member of SYRIZA's Left Platform analyzes the election results in Greece and looks at the obstacles the left already faces.

Taking the first step

Greek socialists and participants in SYRIZA celebrate a victory for the working class movement--and look to the fight ahead.

What to read about Greece

SW has suggestions for readers who want to find more left analysis of the struggle in Greece and prospects for the future.

Weekend Focus: Paris Killings

What is responsible for Paris?

The "unity" we need to seek after the killings at Charlie Hebdo is against racism, Islamophobia and imperialism.

What we mourn after Paris

Historians and authors stand in solidarity with immigrants and others victims of scapegoating following the Paris attacks.

Freedom and the working class

In an article written in 1938, Leon Trotsky argued for the importance of socialists championing democratic rights.

Black Lives Matter in Seattle

Hundreds of anti-racist activists in Seattle came together with Black Power icon John Carlos to discuss the future of the struggle.

Bill de Blasio's broken logic

New York's mayor says he's a fighter against inequality, but that claim is undermined by his support for "Broken Windows" policing.

Other Top Articles of the Week

End of the Cold War on Cuba?

What is the agreement of the U.S. and Cuban governments plans to re-establish diplomatic relations—and what will it mean for Cubans?

Obama in India: The sequel

On his trip to India, Barack Obama stressed "partnership"--but that translates to exploitation for Indian workers.

Mourning a monarch

A delegation of U.S. political figures, led by Barack Obama, traveled to Saudi Arabia to pay their respects to a vicious autocrat.

They murdered a socialist

Shaimaa al-Sabbagh

Police in Egypt killed an Egyptian leftist and poet on a protest march to Tahrir Square to mark the fourth anniversary of the revolution.

Lessons of American Sniper

American Sniper is a racist, militaristic movie--but it has a lot to teach us if we want to build a successful antiwar movement.

The fall of the house of Silver

Why are New York liberals scrambling to defend Sheldon Silver, the corrupt Assembly Speaker indicted for taking bribes?

Forging bonds of solidarity

An African American delegation to Palestine last year further developed important ties to the struggle for Palestinian liberation.

The war on cyber-activists

The harsh jail sentence for Barrett Brown will have a chilling effect on journalists and others uncovering wrongdoing.

The politics of the ISO

Where We Stand: The Politics of the ISO

In this extended series of articles on the politics of international socialism, Paul D'Amato, author of The Meaning of Marxism, looks in detail at the ISO's "Where We Stand" statement.

Find out about the activities of the International Socialist Organization
Marx Matters: A collection of SW articles on the Marxist tradition
International Socialist Review |

Trish Kahle writes in the latest issue of the International Socialist Review on "The Political Economy of Low-Wage Labor" For that and more articles on socialist theory and practice, go to the website.

Living up to King's legacy

Anti-racist activists report from two cities as Martin Luther King Day protests mark the reappearance of Black Lives Matter.

Time to hold cops accountable

A racial justice group in Madison, Wisconsin, sent a message to the police chief--and then another to make its point clear.

Seeing Ferguson from prison

Siddique Abdullah Hasan (left) and Bomani Shakur

Two victims of the racist prison system in Ohio reconstruct their conversations about the rise of the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

The kind of apology we need

Survivors of Chicago police torture are working with activists, attorneys and family members to demand reparations.

How the right took charge

On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the GOP assault couldn't be more unrelenting--and out of touch with women's lives.

Obama's Charade of the Union

Barack Obama is proposing progressive measures at the point in his presidency when they are least likely to be realized.

Letter to an Army Ranger

A former Army Ranger offers his own experience to young people who may consider joining the military.

The machine strikes again

Chicago teacher Tammie Vinson was undemocratically blocked from running against Democratic Alderman Jason Ervin.

Single-payer betrayed in Vt.

After Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin backed away from a single-payer health care plan, activists are discussing next steps.

Cuomo's war on schools

The Democratic governor of New York is waging a Tea Party-style assault on the concept of public education.

Ready to strike at MFY

Workers at MFY Legal Services in New York are locked in a battle against corporate lawyers on the non-profit’s board.

Arrested for a protest march

Activists in Western Massachusetts rallied at a courthouse in solidarity with a Black Lives Matter activist who was unjustly arrested.

La conjura racista en Francia

El presidente francés, François Hollande, y los líderes del mundo están utilizando los asesinatos en París para promover una agenda reaccionaria.

Which path for SYRIZA?

SYRIZA can become a force against neoliberalism or leaders of a government of mild neoliberalism. There is no middle choice.

Turning the tide in Greece

A Greek socialist and leading member of SYRIZA describes the atmosphere ahead of national elections that the radical left is poised to win.

The world is watching Greece

The likely victory of a radical left party in Greece's national elections this weekend is the product of years of economic crisis and mass struggle.

Is free speech the issue?

Socialists shouldn't raise political concerns over isolated threats to racist speech when it's largely endorsed by those in power.

The Battle of Algiers rewound

The only way forward is to challenge Islamophobia by fighting for the realization of the Arab Spring revolutions.

A pogrom against Bedouins

Israeli police have provoked a confrontation with Bedouins in the Negev region--and responded with a punishing assault.

Lessons from Scotland

Masses of people rally for a Yes vote in the Scotland independence referendum

The referendum on Scottish independence didn't win, but it has fueled a radicalization based on new possibilities for the left.

Is Marxism Eurocentric?

Critics of Marx's "Eurocentrism" build their case on a small sample of writings--but ignore the larger body of work that refutes their claims.

The specter of Hitch the snitch

Is the New England Patriots' ball maintenance a "weapon of mass distraction" or something worth giving a damn about?

Inside DeflateGate

If you really want to disturb the moral compass of the NFL leadership hierarchy, deflate their balls.

Sting's shipbuilding

The musical The Last Ship, written by Sting, features workers who occupy a shipyard and take inspiration from Marx.

In Memoriam

A Leninist and a Lennonist

A fellow veteran of the socialist movement pays tribute to the remarkable life of a dear friend and comrade.

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