Books and Entertainment

  • Charting a path in the identity politics debate

    Asad Haider makes the case that socialists can emphasize opposition to oppression and still recognize the centrality of class struggle.

  • The villains are the stars

    The movie Avengers: Infinity War expands on the Marvel universe--and on longstanding debates about overpopulation and villains.

  • Emotion picturing oppression and resistance

    Janelle Monáe's album and accompanying film are beautiful explorations of what it is to be a queer Black woman in America.

  • Our own terrifying Gilead

    The second season of The Handmaid's Tale airs today--and like the first one, it speaks to the horrors of life under Donald Trump.

  • Fascism's American cousin

    Opponents of the far right will find valuable historical lessons for organizing in a short pamphlet about fascists in an earlier era.

  • A superhero for #MeToo

    Resistance to sexual assault and harassment are stitched into the fabric of the second season of the Netflix show Jessica Jones.

  • The outrage before the upset

    The sweetness of Loyola's upset victory in the NCAA basketball tournament is soured for students by police violence on campus.

  • Introducing...Eugene Debs

    A new documentary pays tribute to one of the most famous socialists and union leaders in U.S. history: Eugene V. Debs.

  • It's been a long time coming

    Change was most definitely in the air at the 2018 Academy Awards, and there's even more to come in Hollywood as a whole.

  • Believe the hype about Black Panther

    The blockbuster film Black Panther has the potential to bring political questions and arguments home to a whole new audience.

  • Black Heroes Matter

    More than showing Black audiences a hero that looks like them, Black Panther grapples with the experiences moviegoers have had.

  • The whole rotten barrel has to go

    Alex Vitale's The End of Policing provides the arguments and facts to back up radical alternatives to the criminal justice system.

  • Imagining a better world

    The feminist novelist embraced the fantastic to tell stories that compelled readers to rethink their assumptions about society.

  • The NFL owners who would rather lose

    What does it say that several hopeful NFL franchises decided to tank the season rather than sign Colin Kaeperick to a contract?

  • More of the best of the worst year ever

    SW contributors are back with another round of recommendations in music, books and movies to wash away the taste of a bad year.

  • The best of the worst year ever

    It's a bad sign when the year begins with Donald Trump's inauguration, but 2017 did have some welcome relief in music, books and movies.

  • How a revolution shaped a revolution

    Leon Trotsky's profound combination of political analysis and engaging storytelling is available in a new edition of a classic book.

  • Making everything new

    The best works in the Art Institute exhibition on the Russian Revolution show the spirit of artists inspired to "remake everything."

  • Sound theories

    A new book explores how musicians have sometimes acquiesced to the world around them--and sometimes challenged and even changed it.

  • One nation under the Bible?

    The Green family has a specific brand of Christianity that it is trying to push--and it's using a new "museum" in order to do it.

  • The hateful history of the Ku Klux Klan

    The Ku Klux Klan has sown racist terror for 150 years, but a new book focuses on one of the three distinct phases of its existence.

  • The NFL owners' holiday insult

    In having the Washington football team host a Thanksgiving game, it's as if the NFL wants to have a joke at all our expense.

  • Yes, mocking Indian accents is racist

    Hari Kondabolu's The Problem with Apu takes on The Simpsons' longstanding caricature--and reflects growing pride among South Asian Americans.

  • Louise Bryant's red months in Russia

    Louise Bryant's moving eyewitness chronicle of the Russian Revolution deserves to be discovered by a new audience.

  • Not a riot but a revolution

    Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution vividly a unique historical event--when working people took power in Russia.