• Protesting a bad sequel to NAFTA

    The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement could spell more exploitation, especially of Mexico workers.

  • What's the agenda behind Trumponomics?

    A quarrelsome alliance of economic nationalists, China-fearing industrial bosses and some prominent bankers are forging a new U.S. economic strategy.

  • Facing a fake clinic escort in NYC

    Anti-choice bigots are pretending to be escorts in front of women's clinics, and they can't be allowed to spread their lies.

  • Has Trump made the economy great again?

    The stock market has been on a tear since the election, but that doesn't mean the economy is poised for takeoff, with plenty of jobs, as Trump promised.

  • The rise of the bad jobs economy

    Work with irregular hours, variable earnings and temporary status is becoming more common than ever--and it's fueling working-class discontent.

  • Looking out for number 1 Percent

    Donald Trump won votes by promising to create jobs, but his economic agenda will ultimately make him even more unpopular.

  • What happened after the oil price crash?

    Two years after the oil price crash, some certainties remain: a world of environmental chaos and oil-fuelled imperialist conflict.

  • Still caught in the can't-catch-up economy

    The media seized on a Census Bureau report to declare that "America got a raise" in 2015--but a closer look at the numbers tells another story.

  • The canyon between the rich and the rest of us

    A new book by Michael Yates that takes stock of the human cost of inequality concludes that as bad as we think it is, the reality is worse.

  • How the ruling class rules

    The Panama Papers offer a glimpse into the methods used by the rich to maintain their wealth and power over the rest of us.

  • Capital crimes from Panama to Delaware

    The shadowy world of tax shelters and shell corporations stretches to the U.S.--and most of it is perfectly legal, despite the deadly consequences.

  • A casino where the rest of us lose

    The success of the movie The Big Short has focused attention on Michael Lewis' book and its explanation of Wall Street's crimes.

  • The ugly secret hidden behind Seattle's boom

    Growing prosperity for some in Seattle has come at the expense of desperation for others, including a state of emergency around homelessness.

  • Can the U.S. escape the slump?

    Unemployment is at its lowest level since the Great Recession struck, but that doesn't mean the U.S. is immune to the global slowdown.

  • The economic crisis and political polarization

    Almost a decade after the Great Recession, the world economy remains in a weakened state, and that has fed political instability.

  • What you need to know about the oil price war

    The impact of falling demand and increasing supply is driving the price of oil down far and fast--with devastating and unlooked-for consequences.

  • The rise of the 0.0001 percent

    Forget about the 1 Percent for a minute--let’s look at the filthiest of the filthy rich and see how they get their wealth.

  • The reign of the Bankocracy goes on

    While workers pay the price for the last crisis caused by the 1 Percent, governments are doing nothing to stop the next one.

  • The feel-lousy economy

    The government's official statistics show that the U.S. economy is performing decently. So why does it feel like it's all bad news to workers?

  • VW chose profit over the planet

    Volkswagen got caught--but it's not the first and won't be the last corporation to pursue profit with a sociopathic intensity.

  • From a weak recovery to a new recession?

    Working people were already left behind in the U.S. economic recovery--but conditions may be headed from bad to worse.

  • What's driving the world toward a new slump?

    From Europe to China to the U.S., the problems in the world economy today are rooted in the capitalist system itself.

  • Are we headed for another crash?

    The turmoil on international stock markets is a warning sign that the world economy is headed for trouble--and the U.S. economy isn't immune.

  • Capitalism is a waste

    The celebrated pursuit of economic "efficiency" may make sense for capitalists--but it's entirely irrational for the rest of us.

  • When Greece-style austerity spreads West

    From Puerto Rico to Illinois and beyond, looming debt crises are being exploited as a justification to shred an already threadbare welfare state.