• Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

    Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar have fled for their lives from barbaric violence directed by the military.

  • Climate chaos and the capitalist system

    After Harvey and Irma, it's obviously time to talk about climate change, but it also needs to be a time to talk about capitalism.

  • Floods are devastating South Asia, too

    Intense rains in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have killed 1,400 people and left millions struggling to find shelter and drinking water.

  • The enduring disaster

    Trump's new strategy in Afghanistan is Obama's plan, dressed up with a lot of bravado. There's been zero change in policy.

  • The tasks facing Venezuela's left

    As Maduro’s government cracks down and the right goes on the offensive, the left must unite for a different vision of socialism.

  • A nuclear bully with Korea in his crosshairs

    Donald Trump dramatically raised the danger of war by threatening "fire and fury" against North Korea, stunning regional allies and rivals alike.

  • Supporting the "lesser evil" in Venezuela?

    The left approaches the crisis in Venezuela as a binary choice: with the government or the opposition? But there's another option.

  • China's "one road" to global power?

    The global manufacturing powerhouse is rolling out its most ambitious and assertive economic initiative yet: One Belt, One Road.

  • How should the left respond in Venezuela?

    A member of Marea Socialista provides a perspective on the conflicts and crisis in Venezuela from the vantage point of a left.

  • An iron glove on a hand of clay

    The victory of Emmanuel Macron and his new party seems like it stabilized French politics, but there are conflicts to come.

  • The foul anatomy of the international right

    As the right wing evolves so rapidly, precise distinctions between conservatives, "populists" and fascists are difficult to make.

  • Another in a tragic list of unnatural disasters

    With Grenfell Tower on my mind, I stopped at a memorial on the Isle of Man dedicated to 50 people who died in a horrific fire.

  • North Korea faces the fury of U.S. empire

    The media portray the North Korean regime as bent on starting a war, but the history of the conflict shows the North has been responding to U.S. threats.

  • Battling a common enemy from Latin America

    Latin American BDS, environmental and other organizations are joining forces to take on the Mexico-based corporation Cemex.

  • Someday this army is going to leave

    The struggle by Korean farmers confronting the U.S. military's largest overseas base is part of a long history of resistance.

  • Morocco continues to rise up

    The revolt in Morocco's Rif region is far from over, despite attempts by the monarchy to prevent a snowball effect in the country.

  • Calling for decent jobs

    The author of a new book on call centers discusses the changing face of labor--and the potential for organizing these workers.

  • How will Brazil's left react to the Lula verdict?

    The conviction of former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has cast in sharp relief the strategic choices confronting the country's left.

  • The earth is choking on plastic

    Plastic waste isn't just a blight on the landscape--it is disrupting natural systems on which our very existence depends.

  • A backlash against solidarity in Lebanon

    After plans for a rally in defense of refugees drew death threats, members of Lebanon's Socialist Forum are calling for solidarity.

  • Was the G20 protest a sign of future struggles?

    The media focused on violence, but the big news about the protests at the G20 summit is that they were the largest in some 10 years.

  • Germany's not-so-great reunifier

    Helmut Kohl, the former German chancellor and architect of reunification, left a legacy that defenders of social justice still battle.

  • The start of Turkey's hot summer?

    A rally by as many as 2 million people in Istanbul is the latest sign that Turkey's discontent can't be crushed out by the regime's crackdown.

  • Being honest about Venezuela

    As Maduro government and the right wing struggle for power, ordinary Venezuelans are watching the gains of Chavismo slip away.

  • Morocco takes to the streets

    A Moroccan activist describes the political climate in the country as protests have mounted, threatening the corrupt regime.