• Climate change and "disaster aid" in India

    India's "disaster aid" and "relief projects" regularly enrich corporations while shutting out the poor who are supposed to benefit.

  • An ominous new massacre in Colombia

    The National Police shooting of unarmed civilian protesters in Colombia threatens to unravel the country's peace process.

  • A wake-up call for Germany's left

    The inroads made by the far right in German elections last month bring new challenges and questions that the left must take up.

  • Coming together to overcome FEMA failures

    Giving the lie to Trump's racist rants, people in Puerto Rico are organizing themselves after being failed by the federal government.

  • The crisis deepens after Catalonia's vote

    The Spanish state's government is making a mockery of democracy by attacking the Catalan people's right to decide their future.

  • The fuel feeding the fires of Europe's far right

    The mainstream political forces that manage the European Union are responsible for setting the stage for the rise of the far right.

  • Puerto Rico needs aid, not an occupation

    As most Puerto Ricans go without relief following Hurricane Maria, calls for the U.S. military to step up relief efforts could make matters worse.

  • Puerto Rico is facing an historic crisis

    Two Puerto Rican artists and activists based in the U.S. describe the harrowing conditions for friends and family back home.

  • Adding ignorant insult to Puerto Rico's injuries

    On top of powerful hurricanes and a society degraded by austerity, Puerto Ricans shouldn't have to endure the racist rants of the Twitterer-in-Chief.

  • How the earthquakes shook Mexican politics

    After the earthquakes, Mexico witnessed both the savage consequences of capitalism and the potential for a radical alternative.

  • Looking for answers to capitalism's disasters

    The left-wing author makes the case for a vision of what we're fighting for that isn't just a list of policies, but is really an alternative worldview.

  • Polarization at the polls in Germany

    Germany's elections show that the country is not insulated from a crisis-prone Europe, but part and parcel of it.

  • Decisive days in Catalonia

    With both popular mobilization and Spanish state repression growing, this weekend's referendum will bring a moment of truth.

  • Aftershocks of solidarity and opportunism

    The responses of Mexico’s oppressors and oppressed to the country’s earthquakes couldn’t have been more different.

  • The debt before the storm

    Puerto Rico is reeling after two devastating hurricanes, but the disaster has been exacerbated by decades of colonial domination by the U.S.

  • Catalonia's right to decide

    The Spanish state's attempts to repress a referendum on Catalonian independence is producing even greater resistance.

  • Is the U.S. sabotaging peace in Colombia?

    The Trump administration is pushing for discredited drug war policies that threaten to undermine attempts to end a long civil war.

  • The PA cracks down on dissent

    The Palestinian Authority passed a law that would jail those whose speech on social media allegedly threatens "social harmony."

  • In search of self-emancipation in Venezuela

    Fulfilling a vision for socialism in Venezuela will require a struggle to ensure democratic control over society rests with workers.

  • Ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

    Hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Myanmar have fled for their lives from barbaric violence directed by the military.

  • Climate chaos and the capitalist system

    After Harvey and Irma, it's obviously time to talk about climate change, but it also needs to be a time to talk about capitalism.

  • Floods are devastating South Asia, too

    Intense rains in Bangladesh, India and Nepal have killed 1,400 people and left millions struggling to find shelter and drinking water.

  • The enduring disaster

    Trump's new strategy in Afghanistan is Obama's plan, dressed up with a lot of bravado. There's been zero change in policy.

  • The tasks facing Venezuela's left

    As Maduro’s government cracks down and the right goes on the offensive, the left must unite for a different vision of socialism.

  • A nuclear bully with Korea in his crosshairs

    Donald Trump dramatically raised the danger of war by threatening "fire and fury" against North Korea, stunning regional allies and rivals alike.