• Solidarity against the bully in Davos

    Left-wing organizations and publishers in the U.S. sent messages of solidarity with the protests against Trump's visit to Switzerland.

  • Australia's neocolonial gulag

    The Manus Island concentration camp for refugees is a cruel symbol of the relationship between Australia and Papua New Guinea.

  • Never forget Nagasaki

    I traveled to Japan to apologize, especially to the Hibakusha--the word for survivors of the atomic blasts during the World War II.

  • The crisis before the crisis in Puerto Rico

    When a UN official investigating poverty toured the U.S., a scholar had this to say about the dire conditions in Puerto Rico.

  • Union busting, Russian-style

    The Russian state is attacking a major trade union, claiming that it is a "foreign agent" as a pretext to legal moves to dissolve it.

  • We demand to know how Eduardo García died

    Eduardo's friends and comrades are calling for solidarity to put pressure on Mexican authorities to investigate his assassination.

  • The new resistance in Iran

    An Iranian-American socialist explains the bitter grievances driving the protests shaking Iran's rulers--and what is needed to sustain and expand them.

  • A loud message of opposition to austerity

    Argentina's right-wing government faced massive protests when it attempted to drive through an attack on the pension system.

  • The persecution of a Palestinian family

    Join supporters of Ahed, Nour and Nariman Tamimi in demanding their release from arbitrary detention by the Israeli authorities.

  • Iran's exploding radicalization

    What began as a small protest in northeast Iran against price increases has spread into a rebellion that is rocking the government.

  • Puerto Rico teachers fight to reopen schools

    The president of a Puerto Rico teachers' union explains how educators are protecting schools in the aftermath of the hurricane.

  • Taking stock of an Ontario labor battle

    An inspiring strike by union faculty at Ontario's Community Colleges was halted by legislation, but the fight is far from over.

  • Free these victims of political repression

    A new initiative by the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists seeks to bring attention to the plight of political prisoners.

  • Honduras' rebellion against a fixed election

    Protests erupted in Honduras against a fraudulent presidential election and the use of police repression to try to squash dissent.

  • A "new era" for China?

    China's "paramount leader" Xi Jinping has announced new policies for the country that boil down to increased power for the state.

  • Trump's game of chicken with North Korea

    Trump's unpredictability and the U.S. policy of regime change toward North Korea is escalating the potential for conflict.

  • Criminalizing dissent in Turkey

    Turkey is putting a group of academics on trial for daring to speak out against the state's violence against ethnic minorities.

  • Making common cause with Israel's ethno-state

    Donald Trump's declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is three things at once: purely symbolic, dangerously provocative and highly self-serving.

  • Dallas rallies for Palestine

    Hundreds turned out in the heart of Texas to protest Donald Trump's decision to move the U.S. embassy to occupied Jerusalem.

  • Joining forces for Quebec's left

    Quebec Solidaire and Option Nationale have decided to join forces--expanding the horizons for the Quebec left.

  • Imperial rivalry and social disaster in Yemen

    A contest for power, driven by the U.S. empire and regional powers in the Middle East, is causing a catastrophe in Yemen.

  • Trump's calculated provocation

    Palestinians and their allies in the fight for self-determination are protesting Trump's provocative declaration about Jerusalem.

  • What's behind the slavery horror in Libya?

    Horrifying reports about the sale of captured Black African migrants in Libyan slave auctions have sparked international outrage.

  • Left with tiny scraps of land

    A British socialist writes about what he saw in the West Bank during a trip organized to forge solidarity between communities.

  • Melbourne tells Milo: Get out!

    Hundreds of anti-racist protesters defied police to demonstrate against right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos in Australia.