• Haitham Mohamedain must be freed

    Egyptian authorities have again arrested labor lawyer Haitham Mohamedain. Here’s what you can do to show your solidarity.

  • Massacres under an apartheid state

    Israel, like South Africa, is a racist apartheid state, so its latest massacre of Palestinians is an echo of South Africa’s own past.

  • Trump wants to inflict misery on Iran...again

    The U.S. government is poised to reimpose devastating economic sanctions on Iran — and the price, as before, will be paid by ordinary Iranians.

  • South Africa's new revolt against austerity

    A South African socialist explains how the massive marches against changes in the country's labor laws came together.

  • They can't crush the struggle in Puerto Rico

    Police in Puerto Rico, following orders from on high, attacked a May Day march against austerity measures imposed on the island.

  • Charting a path for Québec solidaire

    Delegates from all regions of Quebec came together for the last meeting of Québec solidaire before the election later this year.

  • Israel adds a new chapter to the Nakba

    As Israelis celebrated the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, soldiers carried out a massacre of Palestinians demanding the right of return.

  • Israel's 70-year history of ethnic cleansing

    The expulsion of Palestine's indigenous Arab population 70 years ago is still disputed. So here, once again, are the facts.

  • Trump and Netanyahu drive toward war

    A member of the Alliance of Middle Eastern Socialists analyzes the frightening impact of the U.S. pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

  • The shape of resistance in Brazil

    A Brazilian socialist discusses the political situation after Luiz Inácio da Silva's ouster and the challenges for the left.

  • The blackmail behind their tax cut claims

    When companies say they won't invest unless they get lower taxes, they are using their economic clout to blackmail society.

  • Trump moves Iran back into the crosshairs

    Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is a dangerous escalation that threatens the lives of millions in the region and throughout the world.

  • Don't let them export standardized testing

    Puerto Rican teachers are opposing attempts to impose a disaster-capitalist approach to schooling that includes high-stakes testing.

  • Nicaragua's tyrant and how he switched sides

    Protests erupted against the Nicaraguan regime headed by Daniel Ortega, the former revolutionary who today orders repression.

  • Labour needs to inspire voters

    Local elections in Britain didn't produce another triumph for the Labour Party and leader Jeremy Corbyn. So what happened?

  • Reactionary nostalgia for yesterday's empire

    Mainstream foreign policy experts are pining for a time before Donald Trump--when war was a last resort, except when it wasn't.

  • Turning down the role of defending Israel

    Natalie Portman's refusal of a prestigious award--as a response to Israel's deadly violence--is a blow to Israeli apartheid.

  • The rise of a new resistance in Nicaragua

    A former Sandinista and critic of the corrupt Ortega government looks at the protests that have broken out across the country.

  • Is there reason for hope in Korea?

    Trump doesn't deserve the credit he wants to hog, but the summit between North and South Korea could shift Asian political and economic alignments.

  • The left can't be silent about Assad's crimes

    An article at Jacobin headlined "U.S. Out of Syria" is misleading at best, and a collection of dangerous conspiracy theories at worst.

  • The economics of their waste

    Recycling programs around the world are on the brink of collapse, and the reason is both simple and absurd: They're not profitable.

  • A feminist outpouring shakes the Spanish state

    The massive protests in the Spanish state on International Women's Day were historic in more ways than one. Here's the background.

  • Countering the Canary Mission blacklist

    The new website Against Canary Mission is dedicated to opposing a malicious attempt to smear and blacklist opponents of Israel.

  • Repression and resistance in a Bedouin village

    The inhabitants of Umm al-Khair are fighting displacement in the face of violence from the Israeli state and Zionist settlers.

  • The meaning of the Italian right's victory

    Socialists in Italy explain the backdrop to an election in which xenophobic and populist forces trounced the center-left Democrats.