• How corporate thieves prey on Puerto Rico

    Rather than prioritize Puerto Rico's urgent needs, U.S. political and business elites are continuing their project of extracting the maximum profit.

  • Turmoil in America's favorite kingdom

    A power grab is shaking the royal family tree in Saudi Arabia--and threatening to unleash a regional conflict of frightening proportions.

  • Montreal's show of strength against the far right

    The streets of Montreal were taken over by more than 5,000 demonstrators in a powerful and broad mobilization against racist hate.

  • Lebanon on a knife's edge

    The surprise resignation of Lebanon's prime minister while on a trip to Saudi Arabia is ratcheting up tensions in the Middle East.

  • Burying treasure in their tax havens

    The Paradise Papers leaked to the media reveal the everyday schemes that the rich employ to avoid paying their fair share.

  • We will stand upright

    Migrants in Greece are on hunger strike against their treatment by the European Union--and showing they will fight back.

  • A crackdown looms at a migrant prison camp

    Refugees at an Australian detention camp located in Papua New Guinea are standing up to brutal and inhuman repression.

  • Catalonia after the declaration of the republic

    A Barcelona-based socialist writer analyzes the complex situation in Catalonia after the Spanish state intensified its repression.

  • The U.S. backs Duterte's crimes in Mindanao

    There is evidence of greater U.S. military support for the Philippines army in its war against Islamist rebels in the city of Marawi.

  • Syria after the conquest of Raqqa

    ISIS has been driven from its last stronghold, but the violence grinds on as various armed factions vie for control of what remains.

  • Solidarity with political prisoners in Morocco

    Political officeholders, unionists and others are calling for the release of Moroccans jailed for demanding democratic rights.

  • A coup by the state

    The Spanish state imposed direct rule over Catalonia, firing its president and dismissing the region's parliament after it declared independence.

  • Religious rights and wrongs

    Those arguing against same-sex marriage in Australia are cynically using the idea of "religious freedom" to justify discrimination.

  • Moshé Machover must be reinstated

    Jews for Palestinian Right of Return is calling on Britain's Labour Party to reject the idea that anti-Zionism equals anti-Semitism.

  • The floods next time

    Climate change is coinciding with an era of rapid urbanization, which means the world’s cities will become sites of calamity--and resistance.

  • Boston protesters call out a hedge fund vulture

    A picket at the headquarters of the Baupost Group exposed how hedge funds are preying on Puerto Rico in its time of need.

  • Legalized Islamophobia in Quebec

    The debates around a new law in Quebec are a test for the left--and whether it will stand up to the wave of anti-Muslim racism.

  • A letter from Puerto Rico one month after María

    Two members of the Working People's Party appeal for a united struggle for justice throughout the U.S. and on the island.

  • Puerto Rico's disaster was years in the making

    From hospitals to the power grid, every part of Puerto Rico's infrastructure impacted by Maria was gutted years earlier by capitalism.

  • Threats without and contradictions within

    Kurds in northern Iraq have voted "yes" on independence, but governments around the region are threatening war and repression.

  • The Freedom Party's goose-step forward

    Austria's toxic Freedom Party, which is likely to be part of the next government, has deep ties to the fascist movement.

  • Trump's malign neglect of Puerto Rico

    Puerto Ricans will suffer and die needlessly because of the abject failure of the world's most powerful government to provide disaster relief.

  • The smiling face of a military regime

    The former Nobel Peace Prize winner at the top of the Myanmar government supports the military's genocidal persecution of Muslims.

  • Climate change and "disaster aid" in India

    India's "disaster aid" and "relief projects" regularly enrich corporations while shutting out the poor who are supposed to benefit.

  • An ominous new massacre in Colombia

    The National Police shooting of unarmed civilian protesters in Colombia threatens to unravel the country's peace process.