• UK university workers send a defiant message

    Staff at more than 60 universities in the UK continue to walk the picket line after a bad deal to end their struggle was rejected.

  • Into the streets for Marielle Franco

    Marielle died because of her fight, because she was Black, because she was a woman, because she dared to confront the system.

  • A wake-up call for India's left

    What does the victory for the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party in the state of Tripura mean for India's left?

  • How to solve the climate crisis (while we can)

    An Arctic "heat wave" in the middle of winter is the latest warning of an impending climate catastrophe. Can it be stopped?

  • Will the Middle East powder keg ignite?

    Tensions and conflicts are intensifying in the Middle East as the major players, both regional and global, compete for influence.

  • Russian voters have choices but no alternative

    Russian socialists are calling for a boycott of the coming election, which is almost certain to re-elect Vladimir Putin to a fourth term.

  • Trapped in a web of violence and hate

    The Rohingyas in Myanmar face a terrible crisis that is a reflection of the intention of the regime to oust them from Rakhine State.

  • Ramaphosa's neoliberal reboot in South Africa

    There is general satisfaction at seeing Jacob Zuma go--but very real concerns about the new president's pro-corporate priorities.

  • Justice for the Eight Comrades

    Eight young leftists in China's Guangdong province are standing up to a crackdown on efforts to organize students and workers.

  • The Kurdish struggle and self-determination

    We need to oppose the Middle East regimes and any other force that prevents Kurdish populations from deciding their own future.

  • On the Macedonia question in Greece

    A large right-wing demonstration in Greece has raised an old political question about a neighboring country claimed by nationalists.

  • Charter schools and the future of Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's plan for charter schools shows how his government is dancing to the tune of education policies sung in Washington.

  • We will speak out for Emin Şakir

    Turkish socialist Emin Şakir remains behind bars since his arrest three months ago on false charges that he is promoting terrorism.

  • From the revolution, we learned to be united

    An Egyptian socialist, recently released from prison, talks about the situation today under the el-Sisi regime and what lies ahead.

  • Puerto Rico faces a "trauma doctrine"

    From Wall Street to the federal government, neoliberal vultures are circling over Puerto Rico, which remains in desperate need.

  • Don't let Israel hide Ahed's trial

    Israel's detention and prosecution of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi for standing up for her family must be protested.

  • Fascism, not migrants, is the real danger in Italy

    The shooting of six Africans by a fascist was the result of a troubling rise of xenophobia and sexism ahead of elections next month.

  • The return of great power rivalry

    Two government documents spell it out: The U.S. government is on the warpath against emerging big power rivals China and Russia.

  • Turkey's invasion will make the suffering worse

    Turkish forces are invading a Kurdish region in Syria, escalating tensions across the region--and threatening more misery for the victims on all sides.

  • A chronicle of a blacklisting crook foretold

    The collapse of the UK construction giant Carillion was a long time coming--and has focused attention on its harsh labor practices.

  • Why the left has to stand with Iran's uprising

    The question of whether to support a mass social struggle against the Iranian state should be easy for the left to answer. Unfortunately, it isn't.

  • Tunisia is back in the streets

    A new wave of anti-austerity protests that is rocking Tunisia has its roots in the 2011 Arab Spring uprising that toppled a dictator.

  • Don't privatize Puerto Rico's electric power

    Socialists in Puerto Rico respond to Gov. Ricardo Rosselló's announced plans to privatize the island's electric utility.

  • Where is Catalonia headed next?

    Pro-independence parties won the elections ordered by the Spanish state, but is unclear how a new government will be formed.

  • Socialist voices against Turkey's onslaught

    A network of Middle Eastern socialists is calling for solidarity in the face of Turkey's attack on a Kurdish region in Syria.