• Who's afraid of the Arizona teachers?

    School "walk-ins" across Arizona are the latest actions of a movement that has won concessions from the governor--but teachers say they aren't done.

  • How the Arizona teachers got organized

    Three teachers talk about conditions in Arizona--and how they joined got involved in organizing to get something done about it.

  • UC workers are fighting for respect

    Here's what custodians and services workers for the University of California system are demanding as they hold a strike vote.

  • Where will the struggle lead Kentucky teachers?

    Kentucky teachers are continuing a difficult fight in a Republican-dominated state, but something crucial has already been gained.

  • Getting a union off the ground

    Delta workers and labor activists gathered for a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, to support a campaign for union representation.

  • Meet the Oklahoma teachers who said enough

    With strikes and protests continuing into another week, Oklahoma teachers are in the national spotlight. Here's what they say about how they got there.

  • Why bluegrass teachers are seeing red

    The temperature is rising in this "education spring." That's because teachers in states like Kentucky are turning up the heat against Republican attacks.

  • Organizing to spread the labor rebellion

    The biggest teachers' strikes in decades will shape the coming Labor Notes conference that attracts union activists across the U.S.

  • Will Loyola adjuncts pull off a different upset?

    Non-tenured faculty at avowedly progressive Loyola University may be on strike to press their demand for an end to poverty wages.

  • The teachers' revolt is spreading. Here's why.

    The teachers' strike movement is sweeping west from Appalachia through the Midwest and across the Great Plains--and it shows no sign of stopping.

  • Labor creates games

    Veteran attendees of the Game Developers Conference knew something was different this year: All the talk about unionization.

  • Oklahoma is a right-to-strike state today

    Educators and public workers in Oklahoma are on strike for pay increases and greater state funding for schools and public services.

  • What will it take to win the union at Delta?

    A Delta worker describes the poor working conditions and disrespect on the job that are driving a campaign to form a union.

  • Wendy's old-fashioned greed

    Hundreds of farmworkers and their allies marched on the New York offices of Nelson Peltz, the billionaire CEO of Wendy's.

  • Is Oklahoma the next stop for a teacher revolt?

    Some 150,000 teachers and public workers in Oklahoma are preparing for a strike that could continue until their demands are met.

  • Columbia grad workers will decide on a strike

    Columbia University graduate workers are voting on authorizing a strike to pressure the administration to recognize their union.

  • Reviving traditions of solidarity and struggle

    The traditions of the past helped guide West Virginia teachers to victory, while providing fresh lessons that can help rebuild the labor movement.

  • Show your solidarity with Oklahoma teachers

    Social Equity Educators in Seattle is organizing a petition for educators to stand in support of the teachers in Oklahoma.

  • We see what's possible when teachers unite

    A Phoenix teacher talks about the conditions threatening Arizona's schools--and how rank-and-file educators are taking a stand.

  • PSU adjuncts need a level deal

    PSU adjuncts and their supporters turned out to say that they deserve a fair contract and are essential to the university's functioning.

  • Talking socialism in "Trump country"

    The West Virginia struggle reminds us that we socialists aren't "creating" radicalism, but joining people who are forging their own path toward it.

  • West Virginia put class struggle back on the map

    The West Virginia teachers' strike inspired workers across the country--and only time will tell how far this wave of radicalization will spread.

  • Your victory gives us strength

    Teachers unions in Puerto Rico and Mexico sent congratulations and solidarity greetings to the victorious West Virginia educators.

  • Forging solidarity from Mingo to Manhattan

    Three West Virginia teachers traveled to New York City to speak at a solidarity meeting in the wake of their strike victory.

  • The teachers united couldn't be defeated

    West Virginia teachers celebrated a powerful victory in their nine-day, all-out strike following a struggle that reached into every corner of the state.