• How Arizona teachers got from A to Z

    A rank-and-file educators group in Arizona led a statewide strike within months of forming. What can we learn from their success?

  • UVM nurses are sick of understaffing

    Hundreds of people turned out for a march by UVM Medical Center nurses who are fighting for a contract that meets their needs.

  • Showing UC who makes the university run

    Some of the lowest-paid workers at the University of California sent a powerful message with a three-day, statewide strike.

  • Organizing the unity that teachers need in N.C.

    Two North Carolina educators discuss how today's one-day work stoppage was built and how to seize the moment and fight for more.

  • Whatever it takes, as long as it takes, at UVM

    Nurses at University of Vermont Medical Center are fighting for a contract that gives them--and their patients--what they need.

  • Working in for graduate educators at UW

    Graduate educators at UW are fighting for a university that doesn't try to leech money from students while paying workers less.

  • Why "blue state" teachers need their own revolt

    Teachers and students in big cities endure the same kind of awful conditions and drastic cuts that sparked the educators' rebellions in red states.

  • Paying cops to confront the nurses' union

    Management paid a local police department to challenge union nurses during a lockout at a hospital in western Massachusetts.

  • Teachers brutalized in Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rican teachers and students who are fighting for the future of public education were met with brutality on May Day.

  • Solidarity with the teachers fighting for dignity

    Unionists in Quebec declare their support for the struggle of U.S. educators fighting for respect and recognition of their work.

  • Inside Arizona's #RedForEd uprising

    More 75,000 marchers formed a river of red in the streets of Phoenix on the first day of a walkout by educators that will continue into this week.

  • The teachers' revolt strikes in the Southwest

    With Arizona teachers launching walkouts over salaries and school funding, a former teacher talks about the conditions that led to this fight.

  • Learning lessons from the Oklahoma walkouts

    Teachers in Oklahoma won a $6,000 raise by standing strong, but their walkouts ended with dissension and confusion after union leaders retreated.

  • What road will lead Kentucky teachers forward?

    Teachers sent a loud and proud message at Capitol protests, but there are questions to answer about the shape of future organizing.

  • Who's afraid of the Arizona teachers?

    School "walk-ins" across Arizona are the latest actions of a movement that has won concessions from the governor--but teachers say they aren't done.

  • How the Arizona teachers got organized

    Three teachers talk about conditions in Arizona--and how they joined got involved in organizing to get something done about it.

  • UC workers are fighting for respect

    Here's what custodians and services workers for the University of California system are demanding as they hold a strike vote.

  • Where will the struggle lead Kentucky teachers?

    Kentucky teachers are continuing a difficult fight in a Republican-dominated state, but something crucial has already been gained.

  • Getting a union off the ground

    Delta workers and labor activists gathered for a rally in St. Paul, Minnesota, to support a campaign for union representation.

  • Meet the Oklahoma teachers who said enough

    With strikes and protests continuing into another week, Oklahoma teachers are in the national spotlight. Here's what they say about how they got there.

  • Why bluegrass teachers are seeing red

    The temperature is rising in this "education spring." That's because teachers in states like Kentucky are turning up the heat against Republican attacks.

  • Organizing to spread the labor rebellion

    The biggest teachers' strikes in decades will shape the coming Labor Notes conference that attracts union activists across the U.S.

  • Will Loyola adjuncts pull off a different upset?

    Non-tenured faculty at avowedly progressive Loyola University may be on strike to press their demand for an end to poverty wages.

  • The teachers' revolt is spreading. Here's why.

    The teachers' strike movement is sweeping west from Appalachia through the Midwest and across the Great Plains--and it shows no sign of stopping.

  • Labor creates games

    Veteran attendees of the Game Developers Conference knew something was different this year: All the talk about unionization.