• Refusing to accept a society steeped in violence

    The collective anger of students responding to the Florida school shooting can begin raising questions about militarism and right-wing fanaticism.

  • The anti-education governor

    Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is using the state budget to wage war on students and faculty in the state's higher education system.

  • Fed up with disrespect

    A striker explains how solid picket lines and solidarity helped win Seattle bus drivers a contract with First Student bus company.

  • Trump and the crisis that caused him

    A must-read book of essays, featuring many SW contributors, makes the case that Trump can only be explained by the conditions that preceded him.

  • The terrorist violence that Trump ignores

    The far right is on a killing spree--but the Trump administration is too busy trying to score political points about supposed "Islamic terrorism" to care.

  • Taking on the Google-bro's sexism in Portland

    Portland State activists are preparing to protest James Damore and his sexist ideas about women in the tech industry.

  • The only time Trump cares about people of color

    The State of the Union speech was only the most glaring example of Trump using people of color and our pain as a means to justify racism and violence.

  • Wrapped up in red, white and blue

    Trump's fantasy of a military parade is an exercise in flag-waving--but Republicans aren't the only ones who peddle nationalism.

  • A neo-Nazi flop in Burlington

    Hundreds of people came out on short notice in Burlington to protest the Patriot Front, forcing the fascists to abandon their plans.

  • A national coalition demands transit justice

    Rosa Parks was the inspiration for a national coalition of labor, environmental and civil rights groups to organize Transit Equity Day.

  • A gang that was made in the USA

    The policies that Trump claims will stop MS-13 and other Central American gangs are the same ones that gave rise to them.

  • Marxism and the meaning of materialism

    Historical materialism is the cornerstone of Karl Marx's theories and views--but how does this concept help us explain the world?

  • A lesson in how to fight for Black lives

    The success of the Black Lives Matter at School week of action shows the potential for organizing an open and proud stand against racism.

  • Trump's campaign of terror against immigrants

    The racist in the White House is demanding every anti-immigrant measure he can think of--while ICE is stepping up raids and arrests across the U.S.

  • Protesters rally to free Davia Spain

    Davia Spain was released from jail after hundreds came out to defend the wrongfully accused Bay Area activist and trans woman.

  • This church harasses women

    New York City pro-choice activists rallied outside a church whose members badger women entering a nearby abortion clinic.

  • Trump's Medicaid rules work just fine for bosses

    The Trump plan to allow work requirements in the Medicaid health system threatens grave consequences for the most vulnerable.

  • Black students and teachers matter

    Black Lives Matter at School is a week of action involving educators who are bringing resistance to racism into the classroom.

  • Turning 200 years young

    The new feature film The Young Karl Marx is a nuanced and surprisingly accurate portrait of the revolutionary as a young man.

  • Chuck Schumer and the art of the sellout

    Why do the Democrats cave so often? The problem isn't just bad tactics, but the fact that they're committed to the same basic agenda as Republicans.

  • Solidarity got Ravi out of detention

    New York City activist Ravi Ragbir was released from ICE detention, giving him the chance to continue his struggle for justice.

  • Portland's Village of Hope vows to rebuild

    Despite an officially declared housing crisis in Portland, Oregon, dozens of police demolished a self-managed encampment.

  • Bannon invitation provokes protest in Chicago

    The former Trump strategist says he'll come to speak at the University of Chicago, but students and staff are preparing for a fight.

  • A legal workers' union stands with immigrants

    A resolution passed in a union for legal services workers is an example of what labor can do to support the undocumented.

  • Making Black lives matter at school

    Teachers from across the U.S. are organizing a week of action to call for racial justice in our nation's schools and teach Black history.