• Courthouses need to be an ICE-free zone

    Legal workers in New York City continued their protests against undocumented clients being targeted by ICE at the courthouses.

  • Health care profiteers manufacture a shortage

    There is an ongoing scarcity of essential intravenous medications in the U.S.—and the for-profit health care system is to blame.

  • Making the connections to stop gun violence

    During the March 14 walkout, students on Chicago’s South Side tried to link school shootings with the daily horrors of poverty and racism.

  • Recipe for a red-state revolt

    Looming in the background of the West Virginia teachers' strike was both a rich history of labor struggle and bitterness at a deep social crisis today.

  • Glimpses of a new movement

    Educators and contributors to SW describe what they saw and thought during the March 14 school walkout against gun violence.

  • Victims of the Environmental Racism Agency

    The dismissal of a lawsuit protesting deadly pollution in a largely Black Alabama town fits right in with the agenda of Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt.

  • Bombings highlight the threat of racist violence

    The string of explosions in Austin, Texas, most of them targeting people of color, are terrorizing Black and Latino neighborhoods.

  • 99 bullets and one dead teen

    The police killing of Jesus Delgado-Duarte is sparking outrage and demands for justice in San Francisco's Mission neighborhood.

  • Protesting the gun fundamentalists on campus

    When right-wingers brought their pro-gun message to the University of Vermont, students and the community spoke out.

  • Seattle stands with Maru

    After spending years fighting for immigrant rights, Maru Mora-Villalpando is fighting to stop a new threat: her own deportation.

  • Trump's sick answer to opioids: cops and jails

    Trump's latest plan to combat the opioid epidemic includes the death penalty and more police--a further cruel twist to the government's non-response.

  • Students walk out of school to say #Enough

    The school walkouts on March 14 honored the victims of gun violence and cast a light on the issues facing those who say: #Enough.

  • Puerto Rico teachers will strike for their schools

    A one-day walkout by educators in Puerto Rico this Monday is a cry of protest against legislation that will devastate public schools.

  • Trump declares war on California's sanctuaries

    Recent raids in Northern California signal an escalation of the administration's attack on state and local sanctuary policies--but they are spurring protest.

  • Democracy 1, War Machine 0

    Given a rare say about whether to locally base the Pentagon's notorious F-35 fighter, voters in Burlington, Vermont, said no.

  • What the teachers are teaching us

    Understanding how West Virginia teachers won their strike will help labor activists looking to the challenges ahead for unions.

  • An infrastructure plan to build profits

    Trump's infrastructure plan won't repair our crumbling bridges nearly as effectively as it creates profits for investors.

  • How the spark became a flame in W. Virginia

    A teacher from West Virginia's Mingo County explains how their victorious strike came together and what lessons they will carry from it going forward.

  • We're driven by a sense of inequity

    A leader of the Oklahoma teachers' strike movement explains how the West Virginia teachers inspired his co-workers.

  • Delta's anti-union propaganda campaign

    Delta Air Lines management has launched a new anti-union website to intimidate workers who are interested in unionizing.

  • Will Jersey City teachers be next to strike?

    Teachers' salaries in New Jersey are higher than West Virginia, but educators face the same attacks on their health care and dignity.

  • How we can take anti-racism into LA schools

    A "Making Black Lives Matter in Schools" event in Los Angeles focused on opposition to the district's policy of "random searches."

  • What Russiagate tells us about a corrupt system

    Robert Mueller's investigation may or may not have found a smoking gun, but it's definitely exposing the sleazeballs of the Trump administration.

  • Is fair share fair?

    One issue at stake in the Janus v. AFSCME court case is "fair share"--a concept that needs clarifying after the right's propaganda.

  • A #MeToo moment at UW-Madison

    A struggle to hold a serial rapist accountable at the University of Wisconsin has finally ended with guilty pleas from the assailant.