• Why is a sanctuary city profiting off detentions?

    Activists challenged an Essex County Democrat who claims to support immigrants over his backing for an ICE detention center.

  • Will Vermont's new gun laws help?

    The three new gun-control measures passed into law in Vermont are a departure for the state--but we should take a closer look.

  • Colorado teachers descend on the capital

    Hundreds of educators walked out of schools and rallied in Denver to protests devastating cuts to the public employees pension fund.

  • It's the cop way or the highway

    Three New York State senators are holding a highway bill hostage to their plan to put armed cops in every New York City school.

  • A new far-right threat crystallizes

    A list of anti-racist activists is circulating on a far-right internet forum, raising the clear threat of neo-Nazi violence against the left.

  • Stopping a tuition increase at Portland State

    When the Portland State University Board of Trustees wanted to raise tuition, students halted their plans with the treat to strike.

  • Hawkish talk from a liberal Democrat

    She has a progressive reputation on domestic issues, but when it comes to war and foreign policy, Elizabeth Warren can talk as tough as any Republican.

  • Poverty wages at UC disgrace King's legacy

    University of California workers held a day of action on the anniversary of Martin Luther King's murder to demand fairness.

  • We need a science that advances social justice

    Defending science from attacks by the Trump administration isn't enough--we need to transform the role of science.

  • What I learned in West Virginia

    It's obvious from talking to striking teachers that the media painted a caricature of West Virginia that left out its militant tradition.

  • Science can be used for oppression or liberation

    A leading scholar of evolutionary genetics and debunker of biological theories of race talks about why we need radical scientists.

  • Sentenced to 65 years for a cop's crime

    Alabama teenager Lakeith Smith is going to prison for 65 years--because he was present when a cop killed his friend.

  • He needed help, and UChicago cops shot him

    The shooting of a University of Chicago student experiencing a mental health episode shows why the police need to be disarmed.

  • The Coward-in-Chief's cruel war on migrants

    Trump and the right's fearmongers are trying to make it seem not pathetic but wise for rich white men to fear poor migrant children coming to the U.S.

  • A Portland school fights for its activist teacher

    Protests by students and parents stopped the wrongful suspension of a Portland middle school teacher and critic of the district.

  • The truth about Austin's terrorist bomber

    When the identity of Austin package bomber was revealed, the response from authorities and the media was shockingly empathetic.

  • Boulder protests Coulter's hate

    University of Colorado Boulder students came together to show their opposition to right-wing commentator Ann Coulter.

  • How can this high school persecute the victim?

    High school students in Sacramento walked out of class to protest the administration's cruel mishandling of a reported gang rape.

  • When they murdered Stephon, they lit a fire

    People are in the streets of Sacramento to protest the police murder of an African American father of two, shot in the back in a hail of bullets.

  • Youth lead the way in the March for Our Lives

    The anti-gun violence protests on March 24 brought out a wide range of people for "one of the biggest youth protests since Vietnam."

  • The two parties come together for the banks

    One-third of Senate Democrats joined with Republicans to undo some of the regulations passed to prevent another Great Recession.

  • Stop scapegoating Noor Salman

    Because of a cruel prosecution, a domestic violence survivor is facing prison time for the horrific actions committed by her husband.

  • Big Data versus democracy

    The scandal engulfing political consultants Cambridge Analytica is symptomatic of a political system for sale to the highest bidder.

  • Saying #MeToo in Maine

    Panelists for a discussion at the University of Southern Maine talked about the need for action around sexual violence on campus.

  • Trump's cruel stunt in a state full of suffering

    Trump's recent stop in New Hampshire to promote his plan to combat the opioid epidemic came down to blaming the victims.