• Striking against the Columbia union-busters

    This spring’s walkout by graduate workers to force Columbia to the bargaining table can lay the basis for a bigger fight next year.

  • Business should pay its fair share in Seattle

    A law in Seattle taxing Amazon and other big companies to pay for housing is a net gain — but it was needlessly watered down.

  • The Dept. of Greed, Sleaze and Shakedowns

    More revelations from the teetering Trump tower of corruption--about fixer-lawyer Michael Cohen--reveal a deeper corrosion of the political system

  • Amazon puts profits ahead of Seattle homeless

    The Seattle City Council is voting on a plan to tax the city's wealthiest businesses--but Amazon has been fighting it tooth and nail.

  • Milwaukee schools can't take these cuts

    Teachers, parents and community members are rallying in Milwaukee against drastic budget cuts--and pledging more action.

  • #RedForEd versus the UFT-Cuomo blues

    The New York City teachers' union doubled down on its losing strategy of kissing up to Democrats and kicking down at anyone who wants another way.

  • Why North Carolina teachers are walking out

    Three North Carolina educators explain how and why the red state teacher rebellion is coming next week to the Tar Heel State.

  • Why this bill won't stop trafficking

    New legislation claiming to protect victims of sex trafficking instead further criminalizes and marginalizes sex workers.

  • Profiled on campus

    The racial profiling of two Native American brothers on a college tour in Colorado illustrates an ugly legacy of racism.

  • Solidarity after the storm in Greensboro

    When a Black neighborhood in Greensboro was devastated by a tornado, immigrants turned out in force to help residents rebuild.

  • UC unions unite to strike for respect

    Some 53,000 workers across the University of California system will strike this week to demand fair wages and benefits and respect on the job.

  • Trump slams the door shut on migrants

    As hundreds of desperate migrants ask for asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border, the Trump administration has doubled down on racism.

  • Our hidden history of strikes

    The latest installment of a documentary history on U.S. labor covers the tumultuous period that gave rise to modern unions.

  • Puerto Rico faces the neoliberal storm

    A Chicago teacher describes the signs of the privatization offensive in Puerto Rico--and the resistance of teachers and students.

  • Taking solidarity to new heights in Colorado

    Teachers in Colorado took part in two days of protests that shut down schools to fight for improved funding and a livable wage.

  • Inundated by Nazis...and even more cops

    When neo-Nazis staged a recent rally in a Georgia town, hundreds of heavily armed police targeted anti-fascist protesters instead.

  • The impatient patient

    Blind confidence in the powers of early detection and preventative medicine is the target of Barbara Ehrenreich's new book.

  • Will the real opioid pushers ever be punished?

    Bernie Sanders is proposing to hold drug company crooks accountable for the opioid crisis. But the Washington establishment will vote to acquit.

  • Smeared for speaking the truth

    A Fresno State professor's tweets about Barbara Bush has sparked an outcry even among those who defend academic freedom.

  • Portland fast-food workers win a union

    After a successful union vote, the Burgerville Workers Union is the first federally recognized union in the fast food industry.

  • Protesters to UC's chancellor: Use it or lose it

    The Chancellor of UC Berkeley doesn't want to live in the chancellor's mansion, so why shouldn't we house homeless students in it?

  • A strike against Ivy League arrogance

    Supposedly liberal Columbia University is lining up with the Trump administration to deny its graduate workers a union contract.

  • The fight continues for the Black Pride 4

    Support is continuing to build for four Black and queer protesters arrested at the Pride festival in Columbus for challenging racism.

  • Trump's surprise accomplice on border troops

    Why would a liberal Democratic governor support Trump's call for National Guard troops to protect the U.S.-Mexico border?

  • A BDS victory at Barnard

    Barnard College students voted in favor of a referendum calling for divestment from eight firms complicit in Israeli apartheid.