Anthony Arnove

  • Sent to jail for challenging slavery

    Some historians in Kentucky are seeking posthumous pardons for 44 people convicted for trying to help slaves escape their bondage.

  • Sharing in a common struggle

    Howard Zinn embodied the understanding that the experience of being part of struggle alongside and for others is the most meaningful life one can live.

  • Moved on from the struggle

    The liberal organization sent an e-mail to its membership that declared the U.S. war on Iraq will soon be over. They're wrong.

  • Has the U.S. won in Iraq?

    It has become a media mantra media: the surge of 30,000 U.S. troops to Iraq helped stabilize the country. But is it true?

  • Let's not and say we did instead

    The Bush administration, Nuri al-Maliki, and candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are beginning to reach a consensus on Iraq.

  • Decoding Obama on Iraq

    A columnist examines Barack Obama's recent statement on Iraq, point by point, to show what the Democratic candidate is really saying.

  • Telling truths that can't be said

    The film War, Inc. tells us more about Iraq and U.S. politics than anything on offer from the media, with its 24/7 barrage of abuse of our intelligence.

  • The scramble for the poles

    A race for control of the planet's two polar regions is unfolding, with consequences that could hasten capitalism's destruction of the Earth.