Readers' Views

  • Reform, revolution and Jeremy Corbyn

    SW readers discuss the future of left-wing Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn--and the implications for socialists organizing today.

  • Who is for a neutral internet?

    The demand to maintain net neutrality, while positive, is limited, because the internet as it exists is fundamentally not neutral.

  • If not Corbyn, then what?

    The question that left-wing critics of British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn need to answer is: What else is there?

  • Views in brief

    Bad actions at Goodwill | Clarifying our position on counterprotests | Bill de Blasio is just one man

  • How we oppose Trump's Muslim ban

    Travel bans foster Islamophobia and nationalism. The left should oppose them, not suggest they should be made consistent.

  • What we need instead of police

    We need problem solvers who treat the people they help as equals, not police who see a populace to pacify with "law and order."

  • For Catalan independence

    Marxists should defend self-determination and independence for Catalunya--and condemn the repression of the Spanish state.

  • How do we build for Medicare for All?

    We are in an exciting time in which the possibilities and challenges for Medicare for All have taken a qualitative step forward.

  • "Medicare for all" has to be for all

    Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill would leave people requiring long-term care in a lower tier, punishing those with disabilities.

  • Monuments aren't just a "Southern problem"

    The legacy of slavery and the ongoing fact of racism aren’t confined to former slave states with Civil War monuments.

  • Understanding what's typical

    The neurodiversity movement wants to change the public discourse from one of "tragedy" to acceptance and inclusion.

  • Views in brief

    What can end homelessness? | We'll defend access to clinics | The right to take a knee | A crackdown that harms people in pain

  • What you won't see on PBS

    The Ken Burns documentary series on the U.S. war in Vietnam is off and running, but what's missing is the larger historical context.

  • Putting people first in disaster recovery

    After disasters like Katrina and Harvey, we need an approach that puts survivors ahead of the profiteering of disaster capitalists.

  • Views in brief

    Bracing for disaster capitalism | San Diego workers set a strike | Different statues, different responses | Acknowledge their racism | A tune with multiple meanings

  • Views in brief

    Students lead the way in Vermont | Demolishing Israeli myths | ICE lies about Frank Fuentes | A question not asked | Hands off Venezuela

  • Ten facts to remember about the Iraq War

    As Trump threatens new wars, it's worth remembering several things about the 2003 drive to war in Iraq--and the aftermath.

  • Joining forces against NAFTA

    As the U.S. gets set to reopen negotiations of NAFTA with Mexico and Canada, activists in San Diego are planning united resistance.

  • A racist curfew in Madison

    Plans by a Madison mall to require teens to be accompanied by a parent or guardian for evening hours are designed to discriminate.

  • Views in brief

    Another world is possible | The price of working for UPS | A Marxist approach to religion | Haitian rights in the Dominican Republic

  • Our answer to their violence

    The recent atrocities committed at the hands of the far right and the state, sparked similar solidarity actions Greensboro and beyond.

  • Views in brief

    More uniting to fight the right | Capitalism and colonialism in Tibet | The transit system we deserve | Has anything changed at UPS? | Mahwah residents are fighting, too

  • A non-apology for racism

    Bill Maher apologized for using the n-word on his show, but he has a long and ugly history of racist comments.

  • What we'll need to take on the right

    The success of a mobilization to protest Trump in Connecticut gave activists a sense of confidence about confronting the right.

  • Making light of an epidemic

    A new bar in Portland, Maine, is attempting to profit off of the opioid crisis with an "edgy" name and recycled Orientalism.