War and Antiwar

  • Waiting for justice in Afghanistan

    A new report from Amnesty International documents torture and extrajudicial killings by U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

  • U.S. air strikes aren't protecting anyone

    The U.S. is dropping bombs again in Iraq on a rebel military force that only exists today because of the disastrous colonial occupation.

  • Educators must stand with Gaza

    Teaching this summer has been a surreal experience when I am daily bombarded by images of the annihilation of Gaza.

  • Ten years of Baghdad Burning

    The author of the eloquent Baghdad Burning blog published one last entry on the 10th anniversary of the U.S. occupation.

  • Just an excuse for more wars

    There are calls for the U.S. military to go back into Iraq--and some are using the memory of fallen soldiers as justification.

  • At war from a distance

    The Obama administration killed dozens of people in Yemen last week, but you probably didn’t hear about it.

  • A PTSD tragedy at Fort Hood

    The military teaches soldiers like Ivan Lopez to devalue others' lives--and when combat stress is added in, the result is volatile.

  • Documenting the drone wars

    A new documentary exposes the hypocrisy and human toll of the U.S. drone wars over Pakistan's Tribal Areas.

  • Still indispensible?

    A range of establishment critics worry that America's position as the world's dominant imperial power has been undermined.

  • A continuing surge of violence

    The spring fighting season in Afghanistan began this month with explosions of conflict all over the country.

  • Who's the real aggressor in Korea?

    U.S. provocations against North Korea are designed to dress up the Pentagon's "pivot to Asia" as a matter of self-defense.

  • The remote control war

    The aggressive use of drones is another confirmation that Obama's policies represent a continuation of militaristic foreign policy from the Bush years.

  • Life in Falluja is a horror story

    An independent and un-embedded reporter who spent time in Iraq during the occupation describes the terrible toll of the U.S. war.

  • The end of the occupation

    When its troops failed to quell the Iraqi resistance, the U.S. fomented a civil war--but the occupation still ended in failure.

  • The occupation and the resistance

    The U.S. unleashed terror and repression to cement its power in Iraq--but in the process, it stoked multiple points of resistance.

  • The U.S. war machine unleashed in Iraq

    In March 2003, the U.S. used the full might of its deadly arsenal against a country that had already been devastated by decades of war and sanctions.

  • The drive to a war crime

    In spite of the largest coordinated protests in history, George Bush and the neo-cons were determined to have their war on Iraq.

  • Execution by drone

    The Obama administration has carried out an unprecedented expansion of the president's authority to assassinate--anywhere and anytime.

  • Obama's drone wars

    The U.S. government can use lethal force half a world away by means that would look familiar to any teenage gamer: the joystick and the video screen.

  • Losing their grip in Afghanistan

    Barack Obama's "good war" in Afghanistan has turned out to be very much a bad war--and the terrible price for it has been paid by the Afghan people.

  • Vermont says no to the F-35

    Activists are protesting plans to base a high-tech warplane in their community--in the face of Democratic opposition.

  • Amnesty for occupation?

    Why is Amnesty International, renowned as a principled opponent of war and state power, defending NATO's occupation of Afghanistan?

  • Siding with the greatest purveyor of violence

    Support for U.S. military intervention in Libya and Syria it isn't any less wrong when it comes from voices on the left.

  • Resistance to the endless war

    Three leaders of Afghans for Peace describe the terrible toll of the occupation of Afghanistan--and the fight to end it.

  • Marching for a world without war and poverty

    Some 15,000 protesters took to the Chicago streets on a sweltering Sunday in the culmination of a week of protests against the NATO summit.