War and Antiwar

  • The return of the regime-change hawks

    After a decade in exile, militaristic foreign policy extremists have returned to power under Trump--and they're driving toward a catastrophic war.

  • Will Trump set off the Middle East powder keg?

    The U.S.-led air strikes against Syria will intensify geopolitical conflicts in the region and around the globe, bringing the world closer to war.

  • U.S. missiles won't stop Syria's suffering

    Another nightmare has been added to the misery and war in Syria--and there will be more to come if Trump orders his threatened military strike.

  • The making of a massacre

    Israel deliberately deployed its forces to meet Palestinian border protests with deadly force--and that's exactly what took place.

  • Israel's premeditated massacre

    In honor of the anniversary of Dr. King's assassination, we condemn Israel's murder of Palestinians during the Land Day protests.

  • Israel responds to land protests with a massacre

    When tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied to nonviolently commemorate Land Day, they were met by murderous violence.

  • The end of the occupation

    When its troops failed to quell the Iraqi resistance, the U.S. fomented a civil war, but the occupation still ended in failure.

  • The occupation and the resistance

    The U.S. unleashed terror and repression to cement its power in Iraq--but in the process, it stoked multiple points of resistance.

  • The U.S. war machine unleashed in Iraq

    In March 2003, the U.S. used the full might of its arsenal against a country that had already been devastated by decades of war.

  • The drive to a war crime

    In spite of the largest coordinated protests in history, George Bush and the neo-cons were determined to have their war on Iraq.

  • A budget to make America go to war again

    Congress and the White House are speaking with one voice in support of a Pentagon that is bristling with new weapons--and gearing up for more war.

  • Who will dominate Syria?

    A socialist author and Middle East expert analyzes the consequences after Turkey's invasion of a mainly Kurdish area in Syria.

  • The uncounted victims from Iraq to Afghanistan

    An antiwar journalist says that the Pentagon has drastically understated the number of civilians killed by air strikes in U.S. wars.

  • Will Trump shoot first?

    The Trump administration is undercutting an Olympic "peace interlude" in Korea with an escalation of hostility toward the North.

  • Starving Gaza one tunnel at a time

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces corruption charges and fading support, so he's turned to a new assault on Gaza.

  • Empire and the Middle East in the age of Trump

    One of the left's leading experts on the Middle East looks at new developments--and at what has changed for the U.S. and what hasn't under Trump.

  • A peace prize that's deserved

    For once, the Nobel Peace Prize went to an ideal recipient this year: the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

  • Lebanon in the crucible of regional conflict

    The surprise resignation of Lebanon's prime minister is the latest sign of a brewing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran on various battlefields.

  • Rolling out the red carpet for U.S. empire?

    The unexpectedly calm behavior of Donald Trump during his Asia tour obscures increasing militarization that has been underway for years.

  • The U.S. war you didn't hear about...until now

    U.S. military intervention in Africa is in the headlines after an attack on Green Berets in Niger--but no one is asking what the military is doing there.

  • Ruling the world for good under Sanders?

    Bernie Sanders outlined a different foreign policy in his Westminster speech, but it fell well short of a genuine internationalism.

  • Who's pushing Korea to the brink of war?

    The cycle of escalation between North Korea and the U.S. is fanning fears of a horrific war--but we shouldn't lose sight of who the real provocateur is.

  • The nuclear threat that Trumps them all

    The unthinkable possibility of nuclear war is in the headlines after U.S. officials reacted with shrill threats to North Korea's test of a hydrogen bomb.

  • The roots of the nuclear arms race

    For decades, the world held its breath as nuclear-armed powers contemplated the annihilation of their rivals--and themselves.

  • Chelsea Manning's uncompromising fight

    Chelsea Manning has played a vital role in exposing the lies at the heart of U.S. wars and American imperialism.