Issue 657

  • Will voters get the change they want?

    Voters' desire to see political change has become the undisputed theme of Election 2008 following the strong surge of support for Barack Obama.

  • What's next in Pakistan?

    Cities across Pakistan erupted over the killing of Benazir Bhutto as a major crisis--not only for Pakistan but the U.S. "war on terror"--continues to unfold.

  • Ducking, dodging and doing nothing

    After all the optimism that followed its 2006 election win, the new Democratic-controlled Congress failed to block the Bush agenda in any way.

  • New threat to dissent unopposed in Congress

    A bill that would criminalize dissent in frightening ways is working its way through Congress with virtually no opposition.

  • Robbing the poor to give to the filthy rich

    The super-rich are getting super-richer--while the rest of us struggle to get by. That's the reality that emerges from new government data tracking inequality.

  • What's the real source of Kenya's violence?

    Hundreds have been killed in ethnic and police violence and some 250,000 displaced in the wake of Kenya's disputed presidential elections.

  • Why Ron Paul's left-wing champions are wrong

    Supporting a candidate with right-wing views, even if he is against the war, is a disaster for anyone who wants to rebuild the left.

  • Champion of freedom?

    Benazir Bhutto was hailed by many as Pakistan's last hope for democracy. But even a brief look at her life and legacy yields a different story.

  • Victim of a "heartless" insurance giant

    A 17-year-old California woman died five days before Christmas after her parents' health insurance company denied her a life-saving liver transplant.

  • Less than meets the eye

    When you look beyond his inspirational rhetoric and profile as a candidate of "change," what does Barack Obama actually stand for?

  • Bolivia's deepening crisis

    The last year has been a time of dramatically increased social polarization in Bolivia, setting the stage for decisive confrontations in 2008.

  • Uniting to resist the employers' attacks

    Socialists support trade unions because they are the most elementary form of organization of the working class.

  • Winning Black soldiers to the antiwar movement

    A national treasurer of Iraq Veterans Against the War speaks out on the struggle against racism and war.

  • Striking writers face new challenges

    The new year on television began with Writers Guild picket lines outside TV studios as late night talk shows went back on the air.

  • Big screen "blasphemy"

    I have yet to meet anyone who has read Philip Pullman's trilogy of "children's books" that includes The Magic Compass, and doesn't love them.

  • Solidarity with the San Francisco Eight

    More than 500 people came out in New York to show their support for eight former Black Panthers who are being retried for a 1971 murder.

  • Making the case for racial justice

    One could be forgiven for assuming The Great Debaters is simply a formulaic, feel-good movie. But the movie is much more powerful.

  • News and reports

    Justice for Kevin Cooper | Rochester, N.Y., antiwar forum | Palestinian rights protest in NYC | Ventura, Calif., antiwar carolers

  • Fresh Direct

    The online grocery store Fresh Direct is using the racist backlash against immigrants to thwart attempts of workers to organize.

  • Police crack down on New Orleans protest

    Police and public officials in New Orleans responded with outrageous violence to protesters fighting for their right to public housing.

  • Views in brief

    Distortions about Respect | Hidden toll of the Iraq war | Stop apologizing for Chávez