Issue 658

  • Their reward for crashing the economy

    While the ranks of the unemployed grow, fired Wall Street CEOs got paid millions more on their way out the door.

  • Who's threatening who in the Gulf?

    The U.S. claim that Iran is to blame for a "provocative" confrontation between U.S. warships and Iranian speedboats is falling apart.

  • A movement on hold?

    The U.S. war on Iraq is grinding on--and yet the antiwar movement seems to have ground to a halt.

  • Should Obama have won?

    Was Barack Obama robbed of victory in the New Hampshire primary by the racist fears of white voters? The evidence for this contention is thin.

  • Hillary Clinton: The candidate for women?

    Would Hillary Clinton meet the expectations of many women that she will act on the issues that matter in their day-to-day lives?

  • The Ron Paul delusion

    Some writers on the left are sliding down the slippery slope of single-issue voting in their support for right-wing Republican Ron Paul.

  • Bush's Middle East "peace" charade

    The image of George Bush as a peacemaker that was promoted in the media has little to do with the real purpose of his Middle East trip.

  • U.S. military's bombing spree in Iraq

    During one nightmarish 10-minute span, U.S. bombers and jet fighters dropped 40,000 pounds of explosives on a part of southern Baghdad.

  • Specialists in coups and killing

    In light of the tendency of some liberals to identify Bush's critics within the CIA as the "good guys," it's worth recalling the agency's real history.

  • Settlements for Chicago police torture victims

    The Chicago City Council approved a nearly $20 million settlement for four men who were tortured by police and railroaded onto death row.

  • What labor can learn from the writers

    The Writers Guild walkout has shown the importance of picket lines and union solidarity--important lessons for labor as a whole.

  • Seattle teachers fighting back against privatization

    The new Seattle schools superintendent has hired a New York-based consulting firm with a track record of supporting school privatization.

  • Views in brief

    The truth about Chávez and RCTV | The impact of welfare "reform" | Tom Hayden's real message

  • The front line of the war on abortion

    This Common Secret tells in a straightforward way why abortion should be viewed as a fundamental right for all women.

  • Not your average police drama

    The Wire began airing its fifth and final season on HBO this January. You should be watching.

  • News and reports

    Shut down Guantánamo | Protesting repression in Puerto Rico | Building for Winter Soldier