Issue 659

  • Racism and politics in America

    Race and racism have emerged at the heart of the Democratic presidential campaign. But they have always been beneath the surface of U.S. politics.

  • Pounding an already battered Gaza

    Israel imposed a total blockade on Gaza, forcing a shutdown of the only electricity plant and sparking fears of an acute public health emergency.

  • The uncounted dead of Iraq

    A new report on Iraqi deaths in the New England Journal of Medicine doesn't begin to tell the whole story.

  • Nader, the Greens and 2008

    Ralph Nader's 2000 presidential campaign electrified U.S. politics. But the prospects for an independent presidential challenge are very different this year.

  • The awkward truth about the candidates

    The dueling of the candidates masks the awkward truth that the two Democratic frontrunners agree on much more than they disagree on.

  • The abstinence-only lie

    Jamie Lynn Spears' statement that she was "shocked" she could become pregnant says a lot about the ignorance about sex forced on American teenagers.

  • Mobilizing the power of the rank and file

    Rank-and-file organization is needed in unions to overcome the limits of the union leadership.

  • Bush's plan to "save" the economy:

    Too little, too late

    Financial markets plunged in the U.S. and around the world in an abject rejection of Bush's plan for an economic stimulus package.

  • Hitting the road for single-payer

    Donna Smith, a victim of the health care system featured in the film Sicko, talks to Socialist Worker about the struggle for health care rights for all.

  • Eruption of anger at Kenya's elite

    A Kenyan activist explains the background to the violence and political crisis that erupted over the stolen presidential election.

  • Pushed out of school in Arizona

    Some 4,000 college students in Arizona have been denied in-state tuition because they didn't prove they were legal residents or U.S. citizens.

  • MoveOn's backward move on the war

    A collection of liberal antiwar groups has retreated from a campaign to get Congress to cut funding for the U.S. war on Iraq.

  • Directors undercut writers' strike

    Twelve weeks into the Writers Guild strike, indications are that negotiations between the union and the Hollywood producers may resume.

  • Charlie Wilson's not-so-good war

    Charlie Wilson's War is well made--which is why it's important to say that this is a thoroughly reactionary film from beginning to end.

  • Will abolitionist victory in N.J. spread?

    Gov. Jon Corzine signed legislation in December 17, 2007 making New Jersey the fourteenth state without the death penalty.

  • News and reports

    Racists march in Jena | Rights for immigrant detainees | NYC protest for Palestinian rights | Protesting CIGNA in Chicago

  • Views in brief

    Turned down for health care | What kind of "change?" | Media and the elections

  • A field study of the rich

    The Nanny Diaries is filled with many pleasant surprises, the most important being that it's a Hollywood comedy that's actually funny.