Issue 672

  • Can the whole world be fed?

    The global crisis caused by increasing food prices is shining a spotlight on the terrible contradiction of a world of plenty where hundreds of millions go hungry.

  • Israel's apartheid at 60

    The parallels between South Africa’s white minority regime and the apartheid state of Israel were striking as Israel celebrated its 60th anniversary.

  • The battle for Sadr City

    Out of view of the U.S. media, American forces have been continuing an escalation in violence in Iraq that is claiming more lives.

  • A Clinton pre-mortem

    Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign was designed to rerun the battles of the 1990s rather than face today's different political environment.

  • Treated like cattle by ICE

    Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents descended on an Iowa slaughterhouse in the largest raid in the state's history.

  • Seeing the forest through the sleaze

    If you look beyond the battles among the candidates, Election 2008 is bringing into focus a political shift to the left that runs deeper than the presidential campaign.

  • What's driving Lebanon's crisis?

    A writer and activist explains the backdrop to the confrontation that led to new fighting between government forces and the Hezbollah militia.

  • The strikes of the sans-papiers

    A growing movement of immigrant workers in France is challenging President Nicolas Sarkozy with strikes and occupations.

  • On hunger strike outside the White House

    Indian guest workers have begun a hunger strike outside the White House to protest the slave-like conditions they endured.

  • Television's buffoons and bigots

    With few exceptions, white working-class people are presented on TV via the same stereotypes that pervade American culture.

  • Open to capital but not labor

    U.S. politicians and employers have always used anti-immigrant laws not so much to prevent immigration, but to control it.

  • A world to win

    Since capitalism is an international system, the working-class struggle to overcome capitalism must also be international.

  • A world to win

    Since capitalism is an international system, the working-class struggle to overcome capitalism must also be international.

  • Same-sex marriage victory in California

    The California Supreme Court has opened the door to marriage equality for gays and lesbians in the biggest state in the country.

  • Rotten deal at American Axle

    In a bid to settle a three-month strike at American Axle, UAW officials have agreed to a familiar litany of concessions.

  • Why is the Chicago Teachers Union broke?

    Chicago Teachers Union leaders announced to a packed House of Delegates meeting that the union is $2 million in debt.

  • FLOC protest targets tobacco giant

    Around 100 people turned out to support the Farm Labor Organizing Committee during a shareholders’ meeting of the Reynolds tobacco company.

  • Are you suffering like a fifth grader?

    What does a popular television quiz show have to say about what's wrong with America's schools?

  • Arrested over the Sean Bell verdict

    Two activists arrested at the May 7 protests over the not-guilty verdicts for the police who killed Sean Bell describe their experience.

  • California teachers rally against cuts

    With Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger threatening to cut billions from education funding, teachers across California took part in local protests May 14.

  • Too hard on Reverend Wright

    Highlighting Socialist Worker's disagreements with some of Wright's views seemed off point in your editorial.

  • A victory at Outback Steakhouse

    Immigrant restaurant workers win their four-month fight against a manager's sexual harassment.

  • Understanding tribal connections

    The dynamics of tribal connections are sometimes crucial to understanding power relations in places where state authority is weak.

  • Jobs with Justice national conference

    Hundreds of labor activists and organizers met in Providence, R.I., to discuss strategies for the movement.

  • When Robeson took the wrong side

    As a lifelong supporter of Stalinism and Stalin's Russia, Paul Robeson engaged in some ugly behavior that shouldn't be ignored.