Issue 675

  • Hidden casualties

    Suicides among veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan now likely exceed combat deaths, but the government is trying to keep the crisis quiet.

  • Exxon's legal guardians

    Corporate America is celebrating the Supreme Court decision in the Exxon Valdez case that shields the world's most profitable company against its victims.

  • Obama's war room

    One major reason for Barack Obama's popularity is the belief that he's antiwar. But the men and women he's gathered around him as advisers are veteran war-makers.

  • The sp(oil)s of war

    Western oil companies are putting the finishing touches on contracts that would allow them to operate in Iraq for the first time in more than three decades.

  • Warning: This candidate makes wide right turns

    With his campaign moves since clinching the nomination, Barack Obama seems more and more like a car whose steering wheel is stuck in one direction.

  • Desperate in Milwaukee

    As many as 3,000 people lined up outside a welfare office on the false rumor that emergency food vouchers would be distributed to those in need.

  • The Democrats embrace Big Brother

    New federal legislation on domestic surveillance sets back hard-fought free speech, civil rights and privacy protections--with bipartisan support.

  • Battered by two economic storms

    Workers are enduring a sharp cut in living standards caused by rising food and gas prices--while a credit crunch, caused by the housing crisis, drags on.

  • The Feds' contempt for justice

    The federal government's never-ending persecution of Sami Al-Arian reached a new low when Al-Arian was charged with two counts of criminal contempt.

  • A deal after Mugabe’s election charade?

    A dictator's bloody re-election farce in Zimbabwe may be prelude to a power-sharing deal--brokered with the blessing of the "international community."

  • An unrepentant truth-teller

    With his death, comedian George Carlin left behind a wealth of hilarious observations on human behavior--and razor-sharp barbs aimed at the U.S. government.

  • Socialism offers the alternative

    Some 1,000 activists turned out to Socialism 2008 for a weekend of revolutionary politics, debate and entertainment.

  • Images of racism and resistance

    A new exhibit of photos of the civil rights movement on display at Atlanta's High Museum of Art vividly brings to life the fight for freedom in the South.

  • The death row resisters

    A Texas prisoner describes the struggle against repression and the death penalty organized inside the belly of the beast.

  • Reform or Revolution

    Rosa Luxemburg’s book was the first major work to take up a critical issue that divided the socialist movement—and does still to this day.

  • Battle in the Long Beach teachers union

    Rank-and-filers in the Teachers Association of Long Beach scored a victory--only to have it taken away by the state union.

  • Why did the UTLA dues increase fail?

    On the heels of a successful one-hour job action, union teachers in Los Angeles nevertheless voted down a proposal to increase dues.

  • California's new era of same-sex marriage

    A crowd of hundreds met the first same-sex couples to be married in California after their ceremonies with shouts of joy.

  • Palestinian journalist detained

    An award-winning independent journalist who writes from Gaza was attacked and abused by Israeli security as he tried to return to his home.

  • One story from “Generation Debt”

    I've worked hard, been creative, gotten an education and even tried to start a business, but at every turn, I have found nothing but hassle and hardship.

  • Making D.C. a police state

    In early June, Washington, D.C., police set up checkpoints throughout the working-class neighborhood of Trinidad, in the name of curbing violence.

  • Opposition to Blackwater's border base

    After the people of Portrero, Calif., blocked Blackwater from coming to their town, activists are turning to the border, where the mercenaries plan to build a new base.

  • Killings by Chicago cops stir anger

    A rash of police-involved shootings that has left five people dead in Chicago in the past two weeks sparked a small, but resolute, protest.

  • Punishing those with addictions

    People with addictions to drugs face especially harsh oppression under the capitalist system.

  • Houston protest against ICE raids

    The Houston immigrant rights community isn't allowing ICE to conduct raids on local workplaces without a response.