Issue 692

  • Standing up for justice in the age of Obama

    Barack Obama is a politician, and you have to know the difference between the politicians and you--what they have to do and what you have to do.

  • Still feeding at the bottomless trough

    Federal officials may wring their hands over new scandals at AIG and Merrill Lynch, but they're still rewarding Wall Street's reckless betting.

  • The return of socialism?

    Republican complaints about Obama's "socialism" are laughable. But the economic crisis and the new era in Washington are opening up a debate about capitalism.

  • Has the economy gone over the edge?

    The great American jobs wipeout continues with no end in sight, as the financial meltdown continues and the entire world economy unravels.

  • Massacre in slow motion

    A resident of Gaza City describes conditions after Israel's 22-day war--and the message Palestinians want to send to the emerging global solidarity struggle.

  • Will Obama's housing plan provide relief?

    The administration's $275 billion program to deal with foreclosures is a departure from the do-nothing Bush approach--but it falls short of what's needed.

  • Moved on from the struggle

    The liberal organization sent an e-mail to its membership that declared the U.S. war on Iraq will soon be over. They're wrong.

  • At stake in the challenge to Prop 8

    The California Supreme Court is due to rule on a lawsuit that aims to overturn the Proposition 8 same-sex marriage ban.

  • The policy that keeps on failing

    One in every 31 adults in the U.S. is behind bars, or on parole or probation--the result of decades of "tough on crime" policies.

  • Taking on the board in Chicago

    Hundreds of parents, teachers, activists and students held an angry picket of the Chicago Board of Education in a last attempt to save 16 schools.

  • Hero, antihero, superhero

    The Watchmen comic stepped out of the simplistic world of good versus evil to pose larger questions about power and human nature. How about the movie?

  • Winter soldiers testify in Texas

    Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, plus family members and activists, came together for a Winter Soldier event in Austin, Texas.

  • NYC labor rallies against cuts

    "No more cuts!" was the demand as tens of thousands of union members, joined by students and other New Yorkers, rallied in Manhattan.

  • A passionate fighter for justice

    Our comrade Devin Cohee--a loving friend, driven activist and unyielding revolutionary--died tragically on February 28.

  • Fear and paranoia TV

    Homeland Security U.S.A. is basically a show that glamorizes exactly what is wrong with immigration policy and the criminalization of immigrants.

  • California rallies against Prop 8

    On the eve of court hearings on Proposition 8, hundreds marched in San Francisco and Los Angeles to call for the ban on same-sex marriage to be overturned.

  • Seattle march challenges bigotry

    Hundreds of LGBT people and their allies held a candlelight vigil and march to stand up against an increase in anti-LGBT hate crimes.

  • UW caves after no-sweats protest

    Under pressure from activists, the University of Washington announced it is terminating its licensing agreement with the anti-union Russell Corp.

  • Protesting cuts at the LA Times

    Union members and their supporters rallied at the Los Angeles Times headquarters to protest management's union-busting tactics.

  • Standing up for Palestine at UMass

    Palestinian rights activists turned out to counter a pro-Israel rally called by the Student Alliance for Israel in the Amherst Common.

  • Columbia students fight for divestment

    Pro-Palestinian activists at Columbia University kicked off their campaign for divestment from Israel with a teach-in and speak-out.

  • SFSU teach-in against the cuts

    Hundreds of San Francisco State University students attended a teach-in to address the effects of California budget cuts.

  • Janitors gearing up for a fight

    Some 3,000 SEIU members and their families filled the landmark Chicago Theatre for a rally to prepare for a coming contract battle.

  • Hotel workers fight for card check

    Hundreds joined UNITE HERE for a rally to kick off a boycott of two San Francisco hotels that are resisting efforts to unionize.

  • Protesting a racist TV show

    More than 100 people turned out for a rally against ABC's racist reality TV show Homeland Security U.S.A.