Issue 694

  • Against "shared sacrifice"

    Calls to pull together in the face of the crisis can be heard at all levels of government. But it's workers who will be the ones to "share" the sacrifice.

  • The battle for our schools heats up in LA

    We're seeing the early stirrings of a potentially massive movement to oppose the threat of layoffs in our schools and even deeper budget cuts to come.

  • Can Obama's policies fix the economy?

    The pressure is on the Obama administration to make its plans for economic recovery work--but the deeper question is: Work for who?

  • Gay marriage ban overturned

    Same-sex couples across Iowa and around the U.S. celebrated April 3 after the Iowa Supreme Court overturned a state law banning gay marriage.

  • Doubling down in Afghanistan

    Barack Obama has dropped the rhetoric about the "war on terror," but that doesn't mean he's given up on broader objectives of the 2001 invasion.

  • The government's surge at the border

    The federal government is carrying out a crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border--and more violence and repression will be the inevitable result.

  • Socialism in a new era

    After years on the margins, even among the left, the ideas of socialism are being revived as a consequence of the profound crisis of capitalism.

  • Still waiting for help

    Among the 1,000 people who stood in line for jobs at a new Chicago hotel, there were countless stories about how workers are taking the brunt of the crisis.

  • Will there be a strike at AT&T?

    Contracts covering about 100,000 workers at AT&T have expired, but CWA members are still at work while negotiators remain at the table.

  • Race in the Obama era

    The election of the first Black president marked a historic blow against racism, but Black America is facing the brunt of the economic crisis.

  • A victory against cuts at SCCC

    In a little over a month of organizing, we won an important victory at Seattle Community Colleges when classes slated to be cut were reinstated.

  • Standing strong at Stella D'oro

    Two strikers talk about the struggle at a cookie maker in the Bronx after more than half a year on the picket line.

  • "I speak for those who fell"

    March 28 marked 100 years since the birthday of writer Nelson Algren, whose stories exposed poverty, crime and corruption in Chicago.

  • Civil war in UNITE HERE

    One of the labor movement's largest unions is being torn apart as SEIU President Andrew Stern backs a breakaway faction.

  • They banned the wrong George

    What other explanation could there be for Canada allowing George W. Bush in to speak, but barring British antiwar leader George Galloway?

  • Antiwar students look ahead

    The East Coast Campus Antiwar Network conference provided a much-needed discussion on how to move forward.

  • Colibri workers protest auction at closed plant

    Laid-off workers and their supporters protested outside an East Providence, R.I., jewelry maker that shut its doors in January without warning.

  • Portland marches against war

    Four hundred activists marched through downtown Portland on April 4 to protest the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Defending NYC public schools

    A determined group of teachers, students and parents came together to strategize for citywide actions to defend public education.

  • Free speech or hate speech?

    Two rallies for free speech took place on campus of the University of Massachusetts-Amherst on April 1.

  • Honoring Triangle Shirtwaist victims

    Labor activists gathered at the site of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 to honor workers who died so needlessly--and call for safe conditions today.

  • S.F. teachers caucus meets

    Sixty teachers, paraprofessionals and substitutes met to help build a new caucus inside United Educators of San Francisco.

  • UMass students for divestment

    The student government at UMass Amherst passed a resolution calling for divestment from companies that profit from war.

  • LA march for LGBT rights

    About 300 LGBT youth and allies gathered in downtown Los Angeles for a march against homophobia and for marriage equality.