Issue 696

  • Will Obama shift the Supreme Court?

    The guessing game is on about who will replace Justice David Souter, but there are bigger questions worth asking about the Supreme Court.

  • The point is to change it

    Karl Marx's critique of capitalism seems prophetic today, but his economic analysis can't be separated from his vision of a revolutionary new society.

  • Why capitalism is dangerous to your health

    The swine flu outbreak has exposed the absence--even in the U.S., and certainly in poor countries--of any capacity to deal with a pandemic of any kind.

  • What smells at Whole Foods?

    Whole Foods' corporate leaders claim to operate according to a "mission" that promotes social responsibility. But something sinister lurks beneath the surface.

  • A strike for our schools

    United Teachers Los Angeles members are getting ready to walk the picket line for one day in a fight against planned layoffs of 4,000 teachers.

  • The return of civil war?

    A surge of violence in Iraq shows the continuing conflicts lying just below the surface--and could shake up U.S. plans to shift forces to Afghanistan.

  • Tortured by the world's greatest democracy

    The Bush administration torture memos give the grisly details of a sick system, but it's not the first time the U.S. government carried out such barbarism.

  • A fighting health care union

    More than 700 health care union workers and activists met in San Francisco April 25 to formally launch the National Union of Healthcare Workers.

  • Socialism's comeback

    The strongest argument for socialism is the simplest--that capitalism is incapable of meeting the needs of the majority of people.

  • Smithfield's dirty secrets

    Attention is settling on the possible role of the factory farming system in the swine flu outbreak--specifically, a subsidiary of Smithfield Foods.

  • May Day rallies link struggles

    In protests across the country on May Day, thousands of activists marched and rallied to demand the rights that all workers deserve.

  • UVM students' occupation against the cuts

    Students at the University of Vermont marched on administration offices April 22 to stage a sit-in in two joint actions.

  • Casualties of the war on drugs

    American Violet is an important new film that exposes the racism that is central to the "war on drugs."

  • Using "civil rights" to sell charter schools

    Wealthy proponents of charter schools claim they want to advance racial justice--even as public schools become more segregated.

  • The beats of resistance

    The documentary Slingshot Hip Hop tells the story of the struggles of Palestinians through the music of Arab rap artists inside Israel, Gaza and the West Bank.

  • Free speech and protest

    Some liberals and leftists are rushing to defend right-wing speakers after recent protests on the grounds that protesters were violating "free speech."

  • Taking on the cuts at CCNY

    Some 250 students and faculty walked out of classes April 22 at City College of New York in Harlem to protest looming tuition increases.

  • Campaign for Nagesh Rao

    Students and colleagues of Dr. Nagesh Rao have launched a campaign over the rejection of his tenure application.

  • R.I. activists protest Tancredo

    A crowd of 40 people came out to show opposition to anti-immigrant racist Tom Tancredo in Pawtucket, R.I.

  • Debating the future of UESF

    Nearly 100 people turned out to an executive officers candidates' debate held by the United Educators of San Francisco.

  • Santa Cruz walkout over cuts

    Over 250 students walked out of class and rallied at University of California-Santa Cruz to oppose cuts that are sweeping the UC system.

  • Amherst protests anti-abortion bigot

    Students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst organized to show that bigots and sexists aren't welcome on campus.

  • Galloway tours U.S. for Palestine

    Antiwar activist and British MP George Galloway drew some 1,000 people to a Southern California meeting on the fight for Palestine.